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5 years ago#1
A few things.... this is what I have so far, I am not done with the game. Secondly, this isnt chapter or case helps, or where to find certain clues.. if you missed a piece of evidence, Sorry? You gotta do somethng for yourself. Lastly, I did this because I feel the interrogations get in the way of the flow of the game... they are abrupt and monotonous, and I really wish I could just skip through them. So without further a-do.. Here goes: (Just look for persons name..)

Clovis Galletta
Eyewitness Account: Lie / Layaway Voucher
Possible Murder Suspect: Doubt
Details of Shooting: Truth

Edgar Kalou
Argument with Gage: Lie / Suspect Positively Identified
Possible Relgious Motives: Doubt

Nate Wilkey
Purpose At Scene: Truth
Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
Contents of Wallet: Doubt
Bloodstained Pipe Found: Truth

Margaret Black
Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
Cavanagh's Bar Matchbook: Truth
Location of Adrian Black: Truth
Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth
Stenzel Glasses Case: Truth
Photograph signed "Nicole": Lie / Concealed Message

Frank Morgan
Link to Abandoned Vehicle: Lie / Receipt for Live Hog
Location of Adrian Black: Doubt

Shannon Perry
Eyewitness Report: Truth
Suspect Vehicle Description: Truth
Argument Overheard: Doubt

Dudley Lynch
Hit-and-run Accident: Doubt
Association with Victim: Truth
Argument Overheard: Doubt
Joint Business Venture: Doubt

Lorna Pattison
Hit-and-run Victim: Doubt
Nature of Arguement: Doubt
Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie / Insurance Letter

June Ballard
Doping Allegation: Doubt
Injured Female Passenger: Lie / Underwear
Fake Shrunken Head: Doubt
Suspect "Mark Bishop": Doubt

Jessica Hamilton
Crash Incident Report: Lie / Underwear OR Evidence of Abuse
Contact with Parents: Lie / Letter from Mother
Association with Bishop: Doubt
Evidence of Criminal Abuse: Truth

Gloria Bishop
Domestic Disturbance: Doubt
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Check for $20,000: Doubt OR Lie / $20,000 check
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt

Marlon Hopgood
Association with Bishop: Lie / Chloral Hydrate
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Relationship with Ballard: Lie / Empty Film Canister
Evidence of Blackmail: Lie / $20,000 check

Suspect Seen with Victim: Truth
Ring Stolen from Victim: Doubt
Knowledge of Husband: Doubt

Jacob Henry
Movements of Victim: Lie / Husband's Alibi (I have heard the lighter works as well-confirm anyone?)
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Motive for Murder: Lie / Death Threat Note

Jacob Henry
Access to Murder Weapon: Lie / Husband's Alibi
Lipstick Markings: Truth
Deterioration of Marriage: Lie / Marital Problems
Missing Jewelry: Truth
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5 years ago#2
Michelle Moller
Last Contact with Victim: Doubt
Missing Watch and Rings: Truth
State of Parents' Marriage: Doubt

Hugo Moller
Footprints at Crime Scene: Lie / Size 8 Work Boots
Missing Persons Report: Doubt
Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie / Husband's Alibi
History of Violence: Lie / Butterfly Brooch

Hugo Moller
Disposal of Evidence: Truth
Access to Braided Rope: Doubt
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Bloody Tire Iron
Victim's Vehicle Recovered: Lie / Overalls

Eli Rooney
Place of Employment: Doubt
Access to Braided Rope: Truth
Motive for Moller Murder: Doubt

Barbara Lapenti
Possible Suspects: Truth
Movements of Victim: Doubt
Evidence of Break In: Lie / Broken Window
Breakdown of Marriage: Lie / Charm Bracelet Photograph

Diego Aguilar
Missing Jewelry: Doubt
Movements of Victim: Truth

Angel Maldonado
Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Husbands Alibi
Divorce Proceedings: Lie / Divorce Papers
Jewelry Taken from Body: Truth
Bloodstained Shirt Found: Doubt

Clem Feeney
Distinctive Necklace: Doubt
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Movements of Victim: Truth

Catherine Barton
Suspicious Persons: Truth

Lars Taraldson
Possible Suspects: Lie / Bow Rope
Alibi for Lars Taraldson: Doubt
Victim's State of Mind: Doubt
Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Muddy Boots OR Wet Shirt

Benny Cluff
Vagrant Male Suspect: Doubt
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Yellow Cab 3591: Truth

Richard Bates
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Account of Movements: Doubt

James Jessop
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Incident with Bates: Doubt
Cab Ride with Victim: Doubt (unlocked ONLY if you found the Yellow Cab Trace and asking about "Contact with Victim")
Movements prior to Murder: Doubt (unlocked ONLY if you found the Yellow Cab Trace and asking about "Incident with Bates")

Stuart Ackerman
Motive for Murder: Doubt
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Doubt (unlocked ONLY if you found the All American 249 bus)

John Jamison
Interference with Evidence: Truth
Discovery of Victim's Body: Doubt

Contact with Victim: Truth
Relationship with Victim: Truth
Knowledge of McCafrey: Doubt

Grosvenor McCaffrey
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Book
(Last Contact: Doubt)
Criminal History: Doubt

James Tiernan
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Victim Last Seen
Victims Book Found: Doubt
Alibi for James Teirnan: Lie / Liquor purchase
Access to Murder Weapon: Doubt

Grosvernor McCaffrey
Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie / Torn Letter
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Teirnan's Accusation

James Teirnan Pt.2
Events Prior to Murder: Lie / McCaffrey's Accusation

Grosvernor McCaffery Pt.2
Military Service: Lie / McCaffrey's Criminal Record

Fleetwood Morgan
Morphine Overdose Victims: Lie / Popcorn Cups with Morphine
Numbers Slips Recovered: Doubt

Jermaine Jones
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Involvement of 'Ottie': Lie / Distributor Identified
Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt

Merlon Ottie
Army Surplus Morphine: Lie / Finkelstein Identified
IOU Note from Josť Ramez: Truth

Candy Edwards
Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie / Magazine Coupon
List of Odds Recovered: Lie / Bookmakers' Odds
Plans to Leave Town: Doubt
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5 years ago#3
Really? if noone wants these I wont continue then.
Still waiting on "The World" to be a real game! GT: Jack Rabbit 80
5 years ago#4
5 years ago#5
nice nice. I would rather figure it all out myself, but this will be a big help to everyone else. You should request a sticky.
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5 years ago#6

Helped me lots. :)
5 years ago#7
111 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth

Elsa Lichtmann
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Morphine Overdose Victims: Doubt

Mikey Cohen
Finkelstein Drug Operation: Doubt
111 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt

Felix Alvarro
Informed of Coolridge Heist: Doubt
Motive for Shooting: Lie / Sniper's Pocketbook

Jack Kelso
Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt
Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth
Arms Stolen from Coolridge: Truth
SS Coolridge Robbery: Doubt

Courtney Sheldon
6th Marines being targeted: Lie / Note
SS Coolridge Robbery: Lie / Beckett's Confession

Don Steffens
Travel Competition: Truth
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt

John Cunningham
Suburban Redevelopment: Truth
Promotional Travel Contest: Doubt

Ivan Rasic
Instaheat Model 70: Doubt
Heater Service History: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley OR Heater Serviced by Ryan

Walter Clemen's
Knowledge of Varley: Doubt
Employment with Instaheat: Doubt
Knowledge of Ryan: Lie / Clemen's Anarchist Pamphlet

Matthew Ryan
Anarchist Literature: Lie / Ryan's Anarchist Pamphlets
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Ivan Rasic's Statement
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
Attempted Murder Charge: Doubt

Reginald Varley
Work at Sawyer Residence: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie / Walter Clemen's Statement
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Mosquito Coils
Still waiting on "The World" to be a real game! GT: Jack Rabbit 80
5 years ago#8
Not sure how to insert so this is all organized.... So I may make a new one when I get through this....
Still waiting on "The World" to be a real game! GT: Jack Rabbit 80
5 years ago#9
Tag. This will be very useful for getting 5 star ratings. Thanks!
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5 years ago#10
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