Machamp or Conkeldurr?

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5 years ago#1

i know i want one for a competitive team. i think machamp may be best with No Guard Dynamicpunch, but id like to hear some second opinions.

5 years ago#2
Scrafty is the only fighting type.
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5 years ago#3
They play differently. Conkeldurr is walled 100% by Gliscor but also functions as an excellent Excadrill check with his powerful Mach Punch, while Machamp is harder to wall and had the Dynamicpunch thing going on but overall has less power and bulk than Conkeldurr.

COnkeldurr's a lot more common competitively, but I think that's more because people are underestimating Machamp and saying he's outclassed by him. He can't compete as a Bulk Up user, sure, but at nearly everything else Machamp performs very well since he doesn't have a common 100% switch-in (thanks to elemental punches).
5 years ago#4
It really depends on your preference. Conkeldurr has higher offensive powers and is a bit bulkier, along with having Iron Fist to make Mach Punch and Drain Punch both much more effective.

Machamp has No Guard, meaning you can use Dynamic Punch and Stone Edge more, and I believe also has a bigger movepool.

Personally, I'm using Machamp just because I already have 3 of them which are fully trained.
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