if you stop a pokemon from evolving....

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5 years ago#1
is there any way to get it to evolve later? like if you keep it from evolving to get a move, will it just stay as it is or will it evolve at a later level? btw whats better, to evolve or keep it from doing so, or it that just for certain ones.
5 years ago#2
If you stop a pokemon from evolving, it'll try to evolve again next level.
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5 years ago#3
It will try and evolve at every level afterwords IIRC.

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5 years ago#5
it will evolve the next time you level up
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5 years ago#6
It will evolve on the next level. Everstones prevent this, but you could stop it as easily as before.
And halting evolution is only good for certain Pokemon.
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5 years ago#7
coo. i had never really stopped a pokemon from evolving b4.
5 years ago#8
^ which ones in particular?
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