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5 years ago#1
So, I'm trying to get a shiny bagon from Masuda method.
I got a japanese ditto from my HG and put it in the daycare with an english bagon.
Now, I understand that the everstone nature trick won't work if parents are from different languages, so I made sure the languages were diferent by giving the adamant bagon an everstone.
Shouldn't i get bagon with random natures?
But I kept getting adamant bagons so the everstone was working. This must mean that masuda method WASN'T working, right?
I got 2 more japanese ditto from the HG/SS GTS and tried them but got the same problem.
So what gives?
5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
Do you have black or white? masuda method chances improved in the new games.. also, why would the nature influence the shiny?
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5 years ago#4
^In Gen IV, the everstone trick didn't work with the Masuda method. Therefore he was testing to make sure that the everstone method wasn't working, meaning the Masuda method must be.

However I don't know the answer to TC's question as to whether that's changed in Gen V... although I'd like to find out. :3
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5 years ago#5
I'm using white
the nature doesn't influence the shiny, the point is that if the nature trick is working, then the masuda method isn't working, so I used that to test if I was doing it right.
5 years ago#6
I got another japanese ditto, but this time from the B/W GTS instead of from HG/SS and then transferring like before.
I have no idea why, but I've hatched 5 eggs with this ditto do far and none were adamant.
5 years ago#7
I thought it was working, but the 7th, 9th and 10th bagons from this ditto were adamant.
I don't get it. Do the everstone and masuda methods work simultaneously in gen V?
I must be getting something wrong...
5 years ago#8
5 years ago#9
Half the people I ask say Masuda method doesn't work in gen V and the other half say it's more likely to work in gen V.
I'm gonna go right ahead and say not enough research has been done on this subject. It doesn't seem to be working for me and now I'm just really confused.
Answers would be appreciated, but I doubt I'm going to get any at this point...
5 years ago#10
Umm...I'm stupid and not sure what your asking but in gen V the chances got upgraded to 1/1366 and the everstone trick now works it did not last gen

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