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Does the pink smiley face mean pokerus?

#1Mustangs2013Posted 3/28/2011 1:24:22 PM
I was skipping through text at the pokemon center but caught something about microscopic something or other. Is that pokerus?
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#2monskeyPosted 3/28/2011 1:25:12 PM
Yes but if it's the face then that means it's no longer transmitable.
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#3NeoNaviZeroPosted 3/28/2011 1:25:13 PM
If it's a pink smiley face, the Pokérus has already become non-contagious.

Were it contagious, you'd see a "PkRs" logo on their status screen.
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#4keyos27Posted 3/28/2011 1:26:15 PM(edited)
Yes, it also means it is cured. It is no longer contagious.
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#5HomeRowedPosted 3/28/2011 1:25:39 PM
Yes. It has non-contagious Pokerus, meaning it still gets double EVs from battle but cannot pass it to other Pokemon.
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#6FireSeerPosted 3/28/2011 1:25:47 PM
Where on a pokemons summary does the star appear if its shiny
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