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5 years ago#1
I'm using the current OU wifi tier of PO, and I want a counter for Choice Scarf Garchomp, help would be appreciated!
5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
There are checks to particular sets. There isn't one universal lockdown counter. Garchomp's too versatile for that.
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5 years ago#4
To be honest there isn't a true counter to Garchomp. Perhaps another Garchomp with a focus sash surviving the OHKO and OHKOing the opponents Garchomp. Perhaps burning chomp would ruin his fun?

But is speed boost blaziken the best pokemon now? Since it got booted to ubers?
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5 years ago#5
Speed Boost Blaziken's probably the best WiFi-legal PKMN at the moment if you know what you're doing with it. That or Garchomp, it's close.
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5 years ago#6
skarmory does well against garchomp
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5 years ago#7

Fire Fang's a 2HKO on the switch. Stealth Rock makes it even easier. Garchomp might also carry Fire Blast, which makes hash of the thing.

Skarmory blocks certain movesets; it doesn't counter "Garchomp".
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5 years ago#8
I use my milotic with ice beam. But I'm a noob so if that's a stupid idea, please disregard. But my milotic can seem to take almost anything garchomp can deal out. Ye I'm left in the red but ice bean usually OHKO's it. But as I said, I'm a noob.
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5 years ago#9
One on one, any strong Ice Beamer can beat Garchomp. That isn't a "counter".

A true counter has to be able to do at least two out of:

- Switch in repeatedly without significant danger, even with entry hazards, no matter what moveset
- Block all offense, no matter what moveset
- Trap and KO with impunity, no matter what moveset

Milotic can't even switch into Earthquake and then survive a second one. Yache shuts it down even if it gets in on a double switch.
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5 years ago#10
Garchomp doesn't have any real counters. The best you can hope for is that it's not an Adamant nature with Choice Scarf or Jolly nature with Choice Band(which are both most common natures for Gchomps, assuming it isn't running Fire Blast) and try to get a Revenge Kill via a STAB Ice move, unless you're running a Weavile with Ice Shard.
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