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Excadrill Nature + Moveset questions

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5 years ago#1
We all know that Excadrill is a great pokemon. I was just wondering what people thought would be the best nature for him, Adamant or Jolly?

Excadrill has great attack, so at first I thought Jolly would be best so that he could benefit from the added speed, but assuming one uses Sand Rush, would a Jolly nature be redundant? With Sand Rush's speed boost, Adamant looks like it would be the most beneficial nature. What do you guys think?

Here's where I need the most help: Is it possible that Excadrill's most beneficial nature (Adamant or Jolly) is contingent on what his moveset it? Let's say I chose a moveset that included Swords Dance but I relied purely on team support for Sandstorm. Since Excadrill has a way to increase his attack but can't increase his speed by himself, would Jolly be better so that I could still hit hard with using Swords Dance and not worry as much about being outsped in the event my opponent cancels out Sandstorm?

For my Excadrill's moveset, I'm thinking [Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Rapid Spin], but I may include Swords Dance. How important is Swords Dance? If I choose to run a set with Swords Dance, is Rapid Spin worth keeping, and which nature goes best with a Swords Dance Excadrill?

I'm really interested to hear what you guys think. Thank You!
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5 years ago#2
If you're going competitive, you'll need Jolly to be able to either outspeed or tie with other Excadrills.

For moveset... pick either SD or Rapid Spin. You need all 3 of those other attacks. Rapid Spin if you have something weak to SR and don't have another spinner, SD otherwise. Definitely use SD on a sand team.
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5 years ago#3
Jolly lets you outspeed other Excadrill. Otherwise Adamant is better. He's going to outspeed everything regardless of nature otherwise.

And don't put Rapid Spin on Excadrill. If you're going to use four attacking move, and not SD, just go with Brick Break. And if you're going to use SD, then take out X-Scissor.
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5 years ago#4
The thing about Brick Break is, Earthquake has many of the same advantages (Rock, Steel), and X-Scissor counters dark better than Brick Break. The only thing I would use brick break for would be for normal-type pokemon.
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5 years ago#5
Also, as far as outspeeding other Excadrills go, I was planning on making my Excadrill hold an Air Balloon so that he couldn't get 1hKO by Earthquake until the balloon popped. Unless my opponent chooses the same hold item (which is may actually be pretty likely, who knows?) I think i'm good.
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5 years ago#6
All Excadrill use Air Balloon.
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5 years ago#7
Well not all use air balloon, but yeah most people run(myself included) Jolly 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP with Air Balloon(to be even harder to counter by other excadrill)

edit: Swords Dance is the best thing excadrill could hope for. I have, and this is true come back from 1v5 using just 1 swords dance in sand storm, I killed the opponents only counter(That 5th gen Machamp guy) and sweep'ed.

I use Earthquake/Rock Slide/X-Scizzor

x-scizzor is the greatest, it lets you take out Lati@s(maybe rockslide could still kill them) and more importantly bulky grass like Celebi and tangela
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5 years ago#8

In that case, is Excadrill an effective counter to itself assuming both are holding a balloon? Now Brick Break makes a lot more sense as a move for an Excadrill.
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5 years ago#9
As I see it, there are two Excadrill variants I'm seeing right now that I find interesting.

1.) Swords Dancer
Adamant Nature + Sand Rush + Air Balloon
[Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Swords Dance]

2.) Anti-Excadrill
Jolly Nature + Sand Rush + Air Balloon
[Earthquake, Rock Slide, Brick Break, X-Scissor/Swords Dance]

The second one makes sense to me if Jolly nature on Excadrill is mainly for outspeeding other Excarills. Since many excadrills (and other Ground-vulnerable pokemon such as Rock and Steel types) hold Air Balloon, Brick Brick makes sense as a super-effective attack. With such a set, Swords Dance makes sense to compensate for the Jolly Natue, but X-Scissor still holds a special place in my heart for some reason.

What do you guys think?
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5 years ago#10
or you can setup Flygon with sandstorm and switch out with U-Turn an Adamant Xcadrill =]
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