Scraft or Sawk?

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User Info: wwe_expert

6 years ago#1
My Current team is:

Steve aka Krokorok lvl 31
Sexahexx aka Boldore lvl 27
Servine lvl 25
Sawk lvl 25
Ducklett lvl 22
Whirlipede lvl 23

I am wanting to know who is better to use out of Sawk and Scrafty ( I hear he's gangsta lol) and also some team suggestions. I know it's only in game right now but it was brought to my attention that Mort (Simipour) was epic fail. So I would like some constructive input. Thanks.
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User Info: CruxisInhibitor

6 years ago#2
For In-game, it depends on which you'd prefer. Scrafty is moderately defensive and not as strong off the bat as Sawk. Sawk however lacks the 115 base Def & SpD that Scrafty has. He plays more like a sweeper than a tank. Scrafty is good though it you like bulky, tankish pokemon in-game.
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User Info: Two-Face

6 years ago#3
Stick with Sawk. You already have two Pokémon weak against Fighting type attacks.
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User Info: wwe_expert

6 years ago#4
Yeah, I kinda thought of the 3 pokes having a weakness thing and well, does anyone have a suggestion of possibly replacing Boldore? cause even though he is awesome, he's very slow, as in always going second. Very beasty though.
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User Info: GoriIIa

6 years ago#5
Which part of the game are you in?

User Info: wraththekitteh

6 years ago#6
Scrafty is a beast at the Elite Four. Dunno about Sawk.
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User Info: Reptobismol

6 years ago#7
Scrafty's main claim to (ingame) fame is that it learns a lot of really powerful STAB moves "early" on, so it's very useful. Sawk gets nothing but normal and fighting leveling up, and its viable TM list is restricted to late/postgame.
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User Info: wwe_expert

6 years ago#8
The levels explain everything. 4 badges currently.
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User Info: king_crabby

6 years ago#9
scrafty until you get a regenerator meifoo
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User Info: bestatfallin

6 years ago#10
not sure how close Sawk/Throh are, but my Throh completely caught me by surprise how capable he was. and he could take a hit too

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