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Garchomp w/ rough skin and outrage?

#1UMF13Posted 4/20/2011 10:34:06 AM
i believe this is possible, does anyone know?
outrage is an egg move before anyone says its 4th gen only
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#2dli17Posted 4/20/2011 10:41:45 AM
Female DW Gible/Gabite/Garchomp + Male Outrage Dragonite/Charizard/Tyranitar = Gibles with Outrage and something like 40-50% chance of Rough Skin.
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#3UMF13(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2011 10:41:59 AM
board is moving fast as ever
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#4UMF13(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2011 10:42:21 AM
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#5FlyingDeCowPosted 4/20/2011 10:43:04 AM
How useful is Rough Skin? I'd rather put Garchomp on a sand team and let sand veil hax do the work for me.
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#6GreatKiraLordPosted 4/20/2011 7:37:27 PM
sand veil >>>>>> rough skin
sand veil is one of the most annoying abilities ever
#7zeronus1Posted 4/20/2011 7:39:02 PM
I have a battle video to prove that Sand Veil is better.
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