best nature for riolu?

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5 years ago#1
5 years ago#2
Depends on whether you want a special or physical Lucario
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5 years ago#3
mmm special for aura sphere
5 years ago#4
I think Physical wins with Extreme Speed and Close Combat. Theres more special walls than physical walls and most physical walls are weak to fighting, and teach it Crunch.
5 years ago#5
Razor2109 posted...
mmm special for aura sphere

timid, and run nasty plot
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5 years ago#6
awright then which nature d u recommend?
5 years ago#7
id go timid for special or jolly for physical
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5 years ago#8
what about modest, is it a good one??
5 years ago#9
Jolly or Adamant for a physical-based one.
Timid or Modest for a special-based one.

Basically just depends on whether you prefer speed to power in either case.
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