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5 years ago#1
1.) Basics –
We all know the basics, so I’ll keep it brief. To get an egg, put a male and a female pokemon of the same egg group in the daycare together, and eventually they will produce an egg. The pokemon that hatches will be the same species as the female. If the Daycare Man says, “The two seem to get along,” or, “The two don’t seem to like each other,” then they will produce an egg, although the latter will take longer. They won’t produce an egg if the Daycare Man says, “The two prefer to play with other pokemon.” Whenever I’m unsure of egg groups, I use to check them.

Ditto is unique because it can breed with anything (except itself, Legendaries, and other unbreedable pokemon), and using Ditto is the only way to breed male-only pokemon like Rufflet and certain genderless pokemon like Golett.

To hatch an egg, you have to walk a certain number of steps, and the amount of steps varies for each pokemon. Having a pokemon in your party with the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability will cut the number of steps in half. Volcarona is a good example; not only is its ability Flame Body, but it can also learn Fly.

2.) Egg Moves –
To breed an egg move onto a pokemon, the male must know the move you want to breed, and if it’s a learnable egg move for the female, the child will hatch knowing the move. The same applies for TMs, but this is less relevant now that TMs are reusable. Unfortunately, 4th gen only TMs cannot be passed down this way if you breed them in the 5th gen. This is why Gliscor can’t have Poison Heal and Roost. The only exception is when a 4th gen only TM happens to be a 5th gen pokemon’s egg move, such as how Hydreigon learns Dark Pulse. Male-only and genderless pokemon cannot learn egg moves. If you choose to breed with Ditto, egg moves will still transfer, but the non-Ditto pokemon must be male.

This part is important. As parent pokemon level up in the daycare center, they will learn moves by level-up and automatically forget the first move on their list, one-by-one. If you’re concerned that the father pokemon will forget the egg move you wish to transfer and it won’t be passed down, don’t worry. Pokemon will pass down the moves they knew when they entered the daycare. The game won’t count the change in moveset until you remove them from the daycare. If a pokemon learns a move as an egg move, it cannot be relearned through the move relearner. As such, if you breed egg moves using a father who learned the moves as egg moves himself, make sure you have a sufficient number of eggs before removing the father from the daycare, especially if the father is a low level and has a high likelihood of forgetting his learned egg moves.

Let’s talk about egg move chains. When you want a pokemon to have a particular egg move, but none of the potential parents can learn the move through level-up, chances are you need to perform an egg move chain. Let’s use Unfezant as an example; Unfezant can learn Morning Sun as an egg move, but the only potential parents that can know the move are Togetic and Togekiss, who can only learn Morning Sun as an egg move themselves. First you need to raise a male Cherubi or Cherrim to know Morning Sun and breed it with a female Togetic. The Togepi that hatches should know Morning Sun. (Togepi is unbreedable, and must first be evolved before you can breed it.) Make sure your Togepi is a male, and evolve it into Togetic. Breed the male Togetic with the female Unfezant, and the Pidove that hatches will know Morning Sun. That is an egg chain. When a move must be bred from one egg group to another, a pokemon that belongs in both egg groups (and can learn the move) must be used as a middleman.
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5 years ago#2
Let’s move on to multiple egg moves and illegal move combinations. The only way to learn more than one egg move is to have a parent pokemon that can know both moves at the same time. For instance, if you want a Ferrothorn to know Spikes and Leech Seed, you’d use a Cacnea because it’s the only potential parent that can learn both moves by level-up. If there are no potential parents that can learn both moves you want to transfer, the pokemon cannot know both egg moves and it’s referred to as an illegal move combination. For example, Hydreigon cannot know Earth Power and Dark Pulse at the same time.

Smeargle is another pokemon that is important when it comes to breeding because of its ability to know nearly any move. There are many move combinations that can only be taught by a Smeargle. For example, if you want Umbreon to know Wish, Curse, and Yawn, you need to teach all 3 moves to a male Smeargle. Since Smeargle belongs to the Ground egg group, this technique mostly applies to within that group, except in the case of an egg move chain. If you want to know how to breed certain egg moves, is an excellent resource, as well as Bulbapedia. Some egg move combos are complicated, such as a Conkeldurr that knows Drain Punch and Mach Punch at the same time; you need to use a 4th gen Hitmonchan that is taught Drain Punch by TM. Be aware that other certain egg moves are only available through 4th resources as well, such as teaching Stealth Rock to a Bisharp.

3.) IV Breeding –
Before before you start breeding for IVs, you’ll need the following resources:

- “Power” items; Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, Power Anklet. These can be bought with BP.
- IV Checker. He will appear in the Battle Subway after you defeat the Elite 4 and will determine the “potential” of your pokemon.
- IV Calculator. I recommend Metalkid’s IV calculator:
- Everstone. Not for IVs but for nature. The two typically go hand-in-hand.
- A pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor. Very helpful.
- Money. The daycare center isn’t free :P

The actual process the game uses to determine how IVs are passed from the parent to the child is very complicated, but it’s not important for the purposes of this guide. Basically, parents can pass up to 3 IVs to the child. All pokemon have a “characteristic” on their status screen such as, “Alert to sounds,” or, “Likes to thrash about”. This phrase tells you what the highest IV of that particular pokemon is. This is a complete list: . The IV checker will also tell you what the highest IV(s) are of any pokemon you show him, as well as their overall “potential”. The higher the potential, the higher IVs that pokemon has. To see exact IVs, enter a pokemon into the Battle Subway where they’ll be auto-levelled to Lvl.50 and use their stats in an online calculator.

Once you know the IVs of your pokemon, the actual breeding can start. The “power” items will guarantee that one IV will be passed down from whichever parent holds the item. Each IV has an item based on its corresponding stat. Power Weight equals Hp, etc. Using 2 power items, 1 on each parent, will only guarantee that 1 of those IVs will be passed down; I don’t recommend it. By making a parent hold an Everstone, there is a 50% chance that the child will have that parent’s nature. If each parent holds an Everstone and their natures are the same, the chance the child will inherit the parents’ nature is still 50%. If each parent holds an Everstone and their natures are different, half the offspring will be one nature, and the other half will be the other, though I don’t know why anyone would do this. Non-Dream world abilities cannot be bred; they are random.
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Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
5 years ago#3
Let’s say you want to breed a pokemon with certain egg moves, but the IVs you want must be bred from a pokemon of another species. This creates a dilemma; how do you breed IVs and egg moves, assuming the pokemon with the IVs can’t learn the egg moves. It’s easiest to breed the IVs onto a female pokemon of the species you want, and then breed it with a male that knows the moves you want to pass on. Make sure the male is the nature you want, so it can hold an Everstone, and the female is free to hold a power item.

Here are some tips that will help you with breeding your pokemon:

1.) Keep all pokemon you catch, even if you don’t think you’ll ever need them. You should have plenty of box space for all your pokemon. You never know when you’ll need a certain IV, nature, or even egg move. Trust me on this one.

2.) Keep track of which pokemon have which IVs. This is best done by using the 6 shapes you can alter in the PC to give pokemon an individual “marking”. 6 shapes, 6 IVs. If a pokemon has a perfect Hp IV, mark the first shape. If they have a perfect Attack IV, mark the 2nd shape, etc. This is extremely useful.

3.) Once you start breeding, you’ll want to keep good IV “stock”. Set aside a box in your PC to keep pokemon with good IVs. The more variety, the better. Soon you’ll accumulate pokemon in all or most egg groups with one or more maximum IV(s) for each stat. This makes breeding more directional and less random.

4.) Don’t be afraid to hatch large numbers of eggs. Pokemon is a numbers game, and the more you run the numbers, the more likely you are to hatch great pokemon. I’ll hatch anywhere from 6-60 eggs depending on my needs.

5.)Three IVs is the most that is reasonably able to be bred onto a pokemon, since three is the amount of IVs passed from parent to child, even with Power items. More than three is quite difficult.

6.) Breeding is a multi-stage process. Don’t think you’ll get great pokemon from the very first generation of eggs you hatch. If the offspring are better than the parents, put the offspring in the daycare and breed them. In pokemon, incest is wincest. I go through several generations of eggs before I get the result I want.

7.) Catch lots of Dittos. Try and get one for as many natures as you can, and good IVs if you’re lucky. Sometimes people will hack a Ditto so that it has max IVs. The way I see it, breeding is for getting strong pokemon without hacking, and using a hacked Ditto defeats the purpose. To each their own, though.

8.) Two is better than one. If both parents have a maximum IV in the same stat, it’s twice as likely to transfer to the offspring. If one parent has max Attack, and the other has max Attack and Speed, give the second one a Power Anklet since Attack is more likely to transfer naturally.

4.) Other –
These are other aspects of breeding that I don’t have much experience with, but I’ll do my best.

Hidden Power: Breeding for a high-powered Hidden Power of the type you want is difficult and complicated, but not impossible. I’ve only done it twice myself (back in SoulSilver), so I only have limited experience with it. The best I can do is send you here:

Masuda Method: By breeding two pokemon from different language games, the chance of the offspring being shiny increases.

Dream World abilities: A female pokemon with a Dream World ability has a 40% chance of passing it on through breeding. Ditto cannot pass these abilities on through breeding.

Hope you find this helpful :) Let me know if I've forgotten anything.
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Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
5 years ago#4
"My head's filled with only LIQUID OOZE now!" -My trainer card
Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
5 years ago#5
Requested sticky.
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5 years ago#6
Thank you. I really hope this guide will clear up any misconceptions when it comes to breeding, and give people good advice so that they can improve on their own techniques.
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Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
5 years ago#7
Nice guide! Sticky requested.
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5 years ago#8
"Incest is wincest"

^lol win.

Very cool guide.
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5 years ago#9
Thanks guys :) Just now I got done breeding a Delibird that looks like this:

Jolly nature - Hustle
IVs are 31 / 31 / 30 / 29 / 21 / 31

Ice Punch
Ice Shard
Fake Out
Aerial Ace

The max Hp, Attack, and Speed IVs were all bred from a male Snivy I hatched back when I was breeding for a Serperior. The Ice Punch, Ice Shard, and Fake Out egg moves were bred from a Smeargle I transfered over from SoulSilver from back when I bred my Weavile. I may switch out Fake Out for Brick Break, though.
"My head's filled with only LIQUID OOZE now!" -My trainer card
Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
5 years ago#10
"My head's filled with only LIQUID OOZE now!" -My trainer card
Pokemon Black FC: 1807-2464-7660 -- Mike
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