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what lvl does dw magikarp learn bounce?

#1VethemPosted 6/6/2011 10:17:59 AM
Or do I have to use a heart shard?
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#2PenguinPenguinPosted 6/6/2011 10:20:18 AM
Bounce is a dream world move or 4th gen move tutor, I believe..
#3Vethem(Topic Creator)Posted 6/6/2011 12:59:39 PM
Well I got a dream world magikarp through trade, IV lvled her up to 34 and still didn't learn bounce. Do I have to be in the dream world while I lvl ip my magikarp or what?
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#4PhoenicopterPosted 6/6/2011 1:00:43 PM
That's not how DW moves work. If it doesn't have it on befriending, it won't learn it.
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#5Mikey_RPosted 6/6/2011 1:01:47 PM
If you catch the magikarp in the dreamworld there is a chance that the magikarp will also have bounce. If it doesn't then it can't get it.
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#6NovaCastPosted 6/6/2011 1:04:25 PM
the only way to get a dream world magikrap is through the dream world and it should already have the move on it , if it doesnt then it wont ever learn it.

the only other ways to get a bouncing magikarp is through a pokewalker , or move tutor via fourth gen. But then you cant have its dw ability this way