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What do you think is the best Monotype team?

#1ooh_shinyPosted 9/18/2011 5:39:53 PM
I've been meaning to try out monotype and I've having some fun using an Ice team. What scares me is the Stealth Rock weakness :<
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#2buszzaw101Posted 9/18/2011 5:52:23 PM
i'd say water or fighting


to name a few

blaziken (if its non standard smogon)

again, to name a few

steel and bug are neat too
#3GalladetheGreatPosted 9/18/2011 5:53:07 PM
Flying? Probably Dragon as well.
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#4SaintparaPosted 9/18/2011 6:12:03 PM
GalladetheGreat posted...
Flying? Probably Dragon as well.

Dragon spam can surprise people, but in a Chompless world... I dont know.


Then ummm... Flygon? Latias could be ok. Kyurem is meh, Kingdra isnt bad if your willing to bank on your opponents using rain a lot.

My favorite is Fighting and i've run, successfully, the following team:

No setup Mix-Nape
Spore-Sub-Seed-Punch Breloom
Priority abuse Lucario
Anti-lead Machamp
Specially defensive Scrafty
Scarfed Medicham
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#5Lord_MuhznitPosted 9/18/2011 11:12:30 PM
Best team IMO is Normal-type but you troll your opponent with type shenanigans. A few pokemon off the top of my head:

Impostor Ditto: All EVs in HP and defenses. Use against Weather teams.
Smeargle: I DARE you to try Spore, Spider Web, Imprison, and Transform. Smashpassing is fine too.
Adaptability Porygon-Z: Offensive Conversion.
Trace Porygon2: Defensive Conversion. Not Conversion2, ordinary Conversion.
Scrappy Kangaskhan/Miltank: Ghostbusters.
Kecleon: Skill Swap Color Change + Shadow Sneak.
Sawsbuck: Hey look, a Grass-type that can use Camouflage+Nature Power to get a STAB Earthquake!
Normalize Delcatty: You've got to be pretty gutsy to use this. Toxic and Thunderwave go.
Lickylicky: Type chart victim or no, STAB Explosion is lulz.

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#6mark_is_ownagePosted 9/18/2011 11:13:33 PM
steel or water
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#7serenade_betaPosted 9/18/2011 11:19:29 PM
Normalize Delcatty: You've got to be pretty gutsy to use this. Toxic and Thunderwave go.

#8duh1177Posted 9/18/2011 11:21:00 PM
serenade_beta posted...
Normalize Delcatty: You've got to be pretty gutsy to use this. Toxic and Thunderwave go.


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#9The_Sol_BladerPosted 9/18/2011 11:21:07 PM
Dark. I was also told Electric is pretty good, but I can't get a team to work yet
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#10serenade_betaPosted 9/18/2011 11:27:38 PM(edited)
duh1177 posted...

Except it doesn't work... Steel itself has a resistance against being poisoned.
For instance, even if you give a steel type the Ring Target, you can hit that Pokemon with moves like Sludge Bomb, but it will never be poisoned by it.
If you want to poison a steel type, you would have to Soak it first or change its type.

Similar to how Fire Pokemon cannot be burned.