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5 years ago#1
I'm sorry guys, but I've been googling for I-dont-know-anymore-how-long and I'm almost giving up on this, so here I am asking some kind soul some help.

Basically I've been going from forum to forum [Smogon, too] trying to get the hang of what the heck is RNG and it turns out it was not possible on DSi/XL etc but it is now.
Then again, no sources, no posts, no videos on youtube...

Could anyone post me a link or something? Or, maybe even better, could anyone instruct me on what it is I need to know - bearing in mind I have little to no knowledge on the subject.
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5 years ago#2

Smogon's 5th gen RNG topic. If you start from the last page and work your way back, you should be able to find the info on RNGing on a DSi.

Try from page 463 onwards, that's when the new RNG Reporter was released.
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5 years ago#3
Uhm, yeah I've been reading the first 5 pages from where you told me to read, and it takes for granted that I know pretty much every single thing and only states the changes from the previous method, which I'm not very acquainted with :/

What if I'm a beginner AND with a DSi...?
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5 years ago#4
Then read the stuff on the first page of the topic or on Smogon's main site. http://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/bw_rng_intro
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5 years ago#5
For the most part you pretty much ignore the fact that you're using a DSi and just do what it says to do for the ones that were working before. The major difference that made it take so long is something you don't even need to worry about beyond making sure you have an up-to-date version of RNG reporter.

The only things DSi/DSiXL/3DS users need to do differently are expect the number of seconds early you need to start the game to be higher (which should become apparent during calibration) and be prepared to synchronise to an external clock (such as the one on your computer) to make up for seconds not being displayed.
5 years ago#6
It's easy for you, since you know what you're talking about :/
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5 years ago#7
Nope, I'm afraid that's not quite sufficient, Sirs.
No site so far actually explains what happens with DSi's. Basically they all state it's not working OR it's working but "some other way" left unidentified.
I've been reading here and there and I guess I've pretty much grasped the idea but I can't really see any results since nothing it's working - because of the DSi.

They all say "make sure you get the latest version of RNG Reporter", too bad nobody cared to update their guides, so they don't match with it at all. Version 9.93 is substantially different from 9.81 and that doesn't really help.

Also, do you know if the language setting in the DSi and the language of the game - in my case Italian the former, German the latter - has any relevance?
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5 years ago#8
Ignore any part that says DSi or 3DS systems don't work. Yes, they should probably be updated to reflect the new changes, but it's old information now. You can safely ignore it.

As mentioned before, there's really not much of a difference between newer systems and older systems. The newer systems will have different ranges for timer0 values, and I believe only in the case of 3DS systems, the second offset is 8 instead of 1.

Start with getting your parameters for your game and system. It's probably best to follow this guide: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/bw_rng_part1#calibration

When you come to a part you don't understand, ask and I or someone else will try to clarify for you. It's much easier to help you when we know exactly what you're having problems with.

As far as the languages are concerned, I don't think it matters. The language of the DSi should have no relevance, and you'd only need to remember which language game you're using when you calibrate or search for seeds. I don't know if Italian is working yet, but pretty sure German is.
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5 years ago#9
Yep, I've been stuck on that calibration for hours.
I have no idea what's wrong with that. I've read somewhere that I can't find the seed there because that "exact timing" only works for previous DS's, not DSi's.
I'm not really sure what that means, but watching a number of times the tutorial on youtube by them - and noticing no differences in the process - I assume it's because of that issue in the timing?
Also, I'm not sure what it means there where it says "min-max" for the seed encryption variables - I assumed it referred to a plausible range in time, in seconds? - and I'm not sure when I can or cannot press anything before loading the game.

As for the rest, I'm at the first part of the Victory Road, with a big Amoongus ready with its Sweet Scent, facing down, with 4 pokémon with me.
I guess that's it...?
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5 years ago#10
I'd advise against using multiple guides for this process. It would probably just make things more confusing, especially since they'd mention all sorts of things you "can't" do with DSi systems back when the guides were made. Stick with the Smogon guide as much as you can and ignore any other guides. That's my best advice here. Maybe not what you want to here, but all the conflicting and wrong information is just going to make things worse.

You'll need to synchronize your DSi with another clock -- like the one on your computer -- and then start the game from the DSi menu when the other clock reaches a suitable time (eg., 0 seconds, 15 seconds, etc.). I assume that's what the guides mean by needing exact timing. Since the clock isn't visible on the DSi, you do need to use the external clock.

Don't worry about the min-max values. RNG Reporter (or PPRNG) does that automatically and you shouldn't need to mess with them. Do not press any buttons between the time after you start the game from the DSi menu and when the GameFreak logo shows up. After that, press whatever you want.

Sounds like you've got everything else set up correctly.
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