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So, by generation VII

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6 years ago#1
Will the Top 10 Message Boards category be comprised entirely of Pokemon titles?
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6 years ago#2
yes cause the ds has 2 more generations of pokemon coming
6 years ago#3
Don't bother arguing about the generations, they are fan made terms, and not defined by any official terms. they can be based on what ever you want them to be based on. For most,they choose when ever they introduce new Pokemon, for others it's the engine being redone, and for some people(ZC), it's by the sets of games coming out.So, this could be gen 5,for others its gen 9, and for this person, it's gen 7. The Soul Silver Society, join us.
6 years ago#4
By gen VII, we might get an evolution to Farfetch'd.
6 years ago#5
Because this gen is already known about, I think the TC is talking about the gen two gens after this one.
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6 years ago#6
by the end of this gen the top 8 message boards should all be Pokemon games.
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