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6 years ago#1
So, I had the following quick test battle:

Tsutaaja vs. Wild Minezumi

Tsutaaja used Calm Mind. Sp. Attack and SP. Defence fall.
Minezumi used Tackle
Tsutaaja used Leaf Storm. Sp. Attack rose.

Currently trying to get paralysed to see if speed still gets cut.
Let me know if there's other situations you can think of testing.
6 years ago#2
eccentric ditto transforming into scarfed pokemon. please see if he outspeeds the scarfed pokemon. ditto must not have an item
6 years ago#3
will stuff like burn that reduces attack raise it?
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6 years ago#4
also, encourage would be good for testing
6 years ago#5
Really? wow, I figured it would have worked like clear body and only affects your opponents move.
6 years ago#6
any proof here? ive heard it different ways from everyone
6 years ago#7
Only proof is my word.

Just had the following:

Tsutaaja vs. Wild Damagetake

Tsutaaja used Tackle. Effect Spore. Tsutaaja is paralysed.
Damagetake used Mega Drain.

Damagetake used Ingrain
Tsutaaja used Tackle.

Looks like paralysis speed cut still stands. I'd also guess the burn attack cut is the same.
6 years ago#8
So the animation actually shows the stats falling for Calm Mind and increasing for Leaf Storm? Because I read somewhere that it was like Simple where it shows the normal boost/loss but it just counts it as double the amount (so Leaf Storm would show Sp.Atk falling but count as a boost).
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6 years ago#9
So Jaroda is officially a monster.
6 years ago#10
Shows the actual opposite animation.

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