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6 years ago#1
Global Link is up again as of about an hour ago
I did this tut for people who want to know how to sign up

Tried photobucket but it didn't zoom in enough to clearly read the text
and i didn't feel like finding another way

if someone wants to save it from my DA page and upload it cuz they know what they are doing, might be better XD

If ppl really want I can do a tut on how to get around the page
playing arond is fairly explanatory tho
6 years ago#2
How do you get the Game Sync ID from the game?
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6 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#4
Deleting didnt make it disappear XD
I wanted to edit the post with more info

-here is the original-
Sorry, would of been helpful if i add that

after you revive your C-gear, if you start your game at the main menu there will be a button that says game sync settings, hit that and it will bring you to your code

now for the more info
When you enter your code it will give you a message that says you haven't put a pokemon to sleep yet

So type your code in, but dont send it yet
go into your game
on your C-gear hit Wifi->Game sync->

Choose which pokemon you want to sleep
It will throw them on the bed and then say its doing the settings
once your pokemon starts snoring then submit the code

Right now Dream world will not be up till the 11th
You can still do the Pikachu C-gear event

To do the pikachu c-gear,under the sleeping pikachu there is a few things, click the orange one
that will show the current campaigns
Click the first one

there it will want you to add a phrase
go to my DA page(link above)
since I cant do japanese here, ill post the phrase there

After you enter in the phrase
hit the ball the has a DS on it
Choose which skin you want for your C-Gear/Pokedex
Hit the bottom button to confirm

it will show you what all you picked, hit confirm again

Im not to clear on the next because I woke mine up before doing the last step
can only have them sleep once a day

So later I can confirm what to do
or someone can for me

You will get it after they wake up
not sure if you have to go to High link to do it tho
6 years ago#5
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6 years ago#6
i say sticky requested.
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6 years ago#7
Can we do one of the starter pokemon yet?
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6 years ago#8
Everything here worked perfectly. Although I submitted my code and then put my Pokemon to sleep... I guess it's sleeping now... but I can't do anything with the Pikachu C-Gear stuff. I clicked on the orange box and this window pops up and my only option is just to click "OK".
6 years ago#9
Okay, actually, disregard that. I left the site and came back and it had my Black sync'd up. I was able to get the C-Gear skin and I downloaded the Pokedex skin. After you enter that code and hit the DS ball, you can select what you want to download. When that's confirmed access the Dream World again on your C-Gear and wake your Pokemon up. After it wakes up the game will tell you what you downloaded.
6 years ago#10
I got my Pikachu skin, It looks great :)
Pokemon Black FC: 2622 8390 8056 (Erin)
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