Why is Chatot banned?

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6 years ago#1
I can't imagine.
6 years ago#2
Because of immature teenagers who record themselves swearing, making it say that every time they use Chatter.
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6 years ago#3
Oh wow. That's quite stupid.
6 years ago#4
chatter is the worst move ever made... and a very bad move too; specially as the other post said. stupid teenager punks...
6 years ago#5
I never knew Chatot was banned to begin with. Banned where?
6 years ago#6
*tagged i wanna know where they were banned also*
6 years ago#7
Banned from everything Wi-Fi related that he can use Chatter in.

Yes, it's due to vulgar words.
6 years ago#8
I can't believe this. Why not just have chatter come out the other end as a garble, where what you record stays the same in your game. Why ban a Pokemon for something that trivial? Better yet, why make Pokemon like that if you're going to regret showing it off later?
6 years ago#9

I always liked Chatot, now that I know he's even more banned than the likes of Ubers, he just became my fave lol
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6 years ago#10
LOL, that's funny. (Does anyone know if the ban is permanent or temporary?)
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