If you could rename a Pokemon?

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User Info: Caissie07

6 years ago#1
Who would you choose, and what would you pick to replace their English names? Doesn't necessarily mean you have to DISLIKE the name...just something else you find would be a more suitable fit for that specific creature.

Conkeldurr - Conceldest (Instead of concrete elder and to avoid confusion of pronunciation)

Serperior - Tsarpent (Tsar + serpent)

Cofagrigus - Cofigrigus (lol)

Gothita - Gothitike (Goth tike, play on words)

Gothorita - Emorita (Emo lolz)

Swanna - Sereniswan (Serenity, form of peace + swan)

Deerling - Seassodeer

Any ideas of your own?
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User Info: Caissie07

6 years ago#2
Pokemon White FC: 3911 3711 1991

User Info: ophanseraph123

6 years ago#3
Chandelure-Chaligula (Chandelier-Caligula)
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

6 years ago#4
Panpour - Pansoak
Simipour - Simisoak
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User Info: Niteclaw1028

6 years ago#5
Stoutland - Musterrier
Tranquill - Dovely
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User Info: p00pasauras

6 years ago#6
Oshawott - DerpDerp
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User Info: Quesker

6 years ago#7
Snivy to Smug-*shot*
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User Info: WoIfOfLight

6 years ago#8
Emolga (WTF?!) = Flirel = Flying + Squirrel
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User Info: Simmedon

6 years ago#9
Gyarados --> Skulkraken
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User Info: M1Astray

6 years ago#10
Oshawott = Mijumaru

Tepig = Pokabu

Snivy = Smugleaf

Pidove = Anything other than it's current name, I'd even take something like **** over what it's currently called.
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