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5 years ago#1
Fair warning, this is all typed from my ipad, so excuse my spelling errors and issues.

Alright, if your firmware is less then 1.71, all AR Codes wont work for B/W. And ARDSI, you need 1.25 or higher I believe. I own both AR's, if you lost your usb cable, just go buy a DSI version of ARDS, It works in all DS types. Once you do so, go to codejunkies and find the update. If you cant, just google firmware update action replay. That should fix all issues. Here are some Frequently asked questions;

Q: Can I buy a new usb cable seprate from a new AR?
A: Yes. It takes a micro usb cale, but the cost of it is around the price of a new AR.

Q: If I buy a new Ar and set it up with the program disk, can I take codes I have on my old AR and put them on the new one?
A: Yes. It's a simple method if turning on your ds with the old ar in, dragging and dropping the old codes, then putting in the new AR ds and adding the new codelist. (Dont forget to submit changes!)

Q: Is there a way to update my AR without the program or cable?
A: No.

Q: If I have the usb, can I update my ar without the software?
A: No, to connect your AR to the computer, you need the disk to set up the settings, or it wont work.

Thank you for your time, please ask more questions if you have any!
5 years ago#2
Bump for awesomeness.
5 years ago#3
You know, most of the problems people are having is that they can't update their firmware to 1.71 when they follow the steps on the CodeJunkies site, since people have been getting a not firmware file error. Of course, if you have v1.60 for the Action Replay DS, then the firmware file works.

For anything lower than v1.60, everyone is getting the error.
5 years ago#4
The new firmware worked fine for me, I guess I had 1.6.
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5 years ago#5
I need to get an AR since I plan on trading my pokemon from my japanese copy of White to my American Black, and don't want to them to have the japanese names anymore.

If I go out and purchase a brand new AR tomorrow, will it be latest firmware or will I have to go through the whole update hassle everyone else is going through?
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5 years ago#6
For anyone who does have the firmware 1.60. You need to atleast help us all out and share the file so we can all upload 1.60 and then 1.71.
5 years ago#7
You'll have to update it, but it only takes like 10 seconds.
5 years ago#8
I don't think you can update to v1.60 anymore. I tried updating one of my AR which was version v1.54 and it said that there are no new product updates.
5 years ago#9
Thats stupid. There must be a file or something that i can download.
5 years ago#10
Maybe, but there isn't a firmware file for 1.60 on the codejunkies site.
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