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User Info: Tuballcain

6 years ago#1
Can somebody tell me where I can find a evolutionary chart. I bought the strategy guide hoping it would be in there,only to find out it's the first version of the book and abother version will be coming out in April. I don't use the guide for a walkthrough,but I do like the extra things that come in it like the tm guide the evolution guide and the berry guide. So does anybody have any idea's on a evolution guide
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User Info: B0o0m

6 years ago#2
My Youtube channel! :D http://www.youtube.com/user/PolishBladeZ?feature=mhum
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User Info: miz1k3

6 years ago#3

here u go dude. I think this is what u where lookin for. it doesnt have all the stats like the other list but it gets straight to the point.
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