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Is there a shortcut back to the museum *SPOILERS*

#1BigFriendlyGunPosted 3/14/2011 8:03:25 PM
I'm in Nimbasa and I'm just wondering if there's a shorter way back to the museum to revive my Archen.
#2WiinolikePS3Posted 3/14/2011 8:05:20 PM
You get fly after getting your next gym badge, but

You can really just run back in a minute or two. The path back is perfectly straight and you won't even fight any wild pokemon unless you run into one in the thin patch of desert sand between Nimbasa and Castelia.
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#3Faulty_WiringPosted 3/14/2011 8:08:02 PM
You just got a bike, so it's a pretty short trip.