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5 years ago#1
Ok is it just me or do these games actively prevent you from EV training in sp.atk before at least the halfway point of the game? I just got my 4th badge in black and still there is absolutely nothing I can EV train for sp.atk on except maractus which has a 10% encounter rate. I really want to use my Victini and Zorua in the story, but I don't wana ruin their EV's, esp since there's no ev reducing berries in this game yet. Anyone know when I can finally start cranking up their sp.atk?
5 years ago#2
Don't Litwick in Celestial Tower give off Special Attack EVs? That's about one more town away from your point in the game.
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5 years ago#3
Yeah, in the ghost tower place, every wild pokemon there gives you Sp. Atk EVs.
5 years ago#4
Awesome, thank you very much :)
5 years ago#5
I noticed the same thing when I was leveling a couple things. I believe the next things you run into that give sp. atk EV's are Litwick and Elegyn. Then as far as I can remember the last place and only place I train sp. atk EV's at, is the Heatmor's at the bottom of Victory Road.
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5 years ago#6
For curiosity sake, are there any stronger places anyone can think of? I'm training a nearly-perfect Petilil but the tower is slow because of exp. share and it's not able to fight the ghosts on it's own so no macho brace. Another area that would yield better experience or at least let it fight itself would be cool.
5 years ago#7
Get a power lense
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5 years ago#8
No the problem is Petilil can't beat the Litwick in the tower, it doesn't learn any moves that could be effective (or at least I can't think of any at this moment.)
5 years ago#9
Get a power lens and you will not need to beat Litwick, as anything you battle will give 4 Sp. Attk EVs in addition to what they normally give.

Also if you switch out pokemon they still get the full EV amount
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