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3 years ago#91
looking to trade for sinnoh starters
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3 years ago#92
Thank you. This guide gave me a good starts .
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3 years ago#93
1 question:

I wanna EV train a larvesta to special attack, just hatched her and i want to use an exp share so she gets the same EVs as my lucario that will be doing the fighting, at the celestial tower.
So, if the larvesta holds the experience share and the and the lucario holds the power lens, larvesta will get 5 sp. Attack EVs, right?

Also, are all of the EVs added straight away?
Because when i was EV training a riolu at celestial tower with power lens, its sp. Attack kept increasing, until in went from 40 to 70 where it stopped. Will it get the rest +30 untill lvl 100?
3 years ago#94
u can use 2 oposite gender of that pokemon which u want to breed in the day care. But breeding may take so long. So be patient. If any oposite gender ratio so low to find, u can use ditto, like breeding jynx or mr. Mime or ur starter. Different pokemons egg need different number of step. U can know it from bulbagarden. Best way to raise strong pokemon with lucky egg
I'm still unsure of how to do EV training. After watching videos and reading what ppl say about it, it just doesn't seem to sink in. Do you have to train in the stat that's red or can you do any? I currently have a lvl 50 liepard with a jolly nature that I would like to train to up his defense so he can last a bit longer, and a lvl 52 ducklett (keeping it from evolving on purpose) with a careful nature that I need to increase all of its stats in general. I tried using wings from driftveil bridge but it doesn't allow me. Also, do they need to level up in order for the EV training to take effect?
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