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weather ball

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4 years ago#1
ok i looked weather ball up and it said weather ball's power ant type varies with the weather it base power 50 50 without weather and the type changed with the weather type but what affect does weather have on the power?
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4 years ago#2
During any weather condition, Weather Ball attacks with a different type and its base power doubles to 100.


found via google: weather ball
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4 years ago#3
It becomes 100 bp when hail sun or rain is in effect as well as changing its type to match the weather. It does become a rock move in sandstorm, not sure however, if it becomes 100bp in ss
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4 years ago#4
ok ty
i know i cant spell wanna fight about it?
4 years ago#5
Its 100BP in any weather (besides default). 100BP Rock in Sand and 100BP Ice in Hail. But Rain and Sun are notably stronger because they grant an additional 50% boost from the weather boosting the new type (Rain boosting the now Water-type Weather Ball and Sun boosting the now Fire-type).
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