Cradily: Stone Edge or Ancient Power?

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5 years ago#1
Cradily's still my favorite pokemon, and I'm still eyeing it as a special defender for sandstorm situations (not that I can figure why, with the three or four sandstorm teams I've peaked at, it seems Tyranitar is the one that manages to get conscripted for special tanking duty, especially equipped with Dragon Dance and three weapons...Either that, or they're not bothering with dedicated special barricades in the first place...). Even if I am wondering if Tentacruel might be a more finesse-y way of doing it (currently eyed formation: Scald/Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Toxic Spikes, Hex...which doesn't exactly leave room for something like Mirror Coat, Haze, or Confuse Ray, sadly...).

ANYWAY...While I've got one of the "turrets" decided on (Energy Ball; Earth Power and Earthquake really only help against Steel, not a frequent attack type, I believe, unless something enjoys using Flash Cannon or Mirror Shot a lot. {looks nervously in Bronzong and Magnezone's direction}), the other turret I'm not sure which of the two I mentioned is a better idea (the Cradily in question is Sassy):

--Stone Edge. Highest long-term damage power (100*.8=80, and that's before considering the greater critical rate), and allows striking either physical or special as situation requires (and if they're equally vulnerable to rock and grass), but necessitates some EV splitting (252 in Special Defense is a given, but I'd also like the turrets to have at least a little impact; 72 each right now, with the remainder going to HP)
--Ancient Power. Special like Energy Ball, meaning no need for EVs in Physical Attack. (Probably either 72, 100, or 144 EV to Special Attack if I go this route)

For the record, the other two moves are Recover and Confuse Ray (I will own that I have a secondary Trick Room/Rotation scheme in mind...Which might supplant Stone Edge with Rock Slide...). I am amenable to Stealth Rock in lieu of Confuse Ray, admittedly. Just need to get a male Dream World Corsola first...
5 years ago#2
1. Needs Stockpile.
2. Ancient Power. You can invest more EVs in defense.
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5 years ago#3
And to think that I poked back in because I realized that I misrecalled the TENTACRUEL chart--Aqua Ring, not Ice Beam...

Stockpile in lieu of Confuse Ray, I trust? I will admit that something seems "right" about something equipping both Confuse Ray and Recover...Of course, that situation was the same to me with regard to Mirror Move and...somehow...Tri Attack (q.v. pre-DPP Fearow). {shrug}

(Anyone else think Grey's tutors should include Tri Attack?)
5 years ago#4
If it gets three stockpiles off, it won't be taken down by anything other than strong SE crits or boosted attacks. Stockpile, in the end, is more useful than Confuse Ray. Suction Cups prevents lolphazing, too.
"Today, world. This is basic spoken. God inhale computer. Hardly consumer, but with a modest water fowl." -Babelfish
5 years ago#5
If you can and you're set on no EQ, just give Cradily Seed Bomb and Stone Edge instead. No need to split EV's.

Ancient Power is too weak a move to be spending a move slot on it. The passive 10% boost chance is also not worth it.

StockPile over Confuse Ray is a very good idea. Confuse Ray only works 50% of the time, and wears off relatively quickly. Two Stock Piles means you take 50% of the damage all the time, and doesn't wear off unless you want it too (suction cups keeps you in, preventing StockPile boosts from being phazed out).

Also, EQ would be very helpful - Fire, Rock, and Steel are all types that can come into Cradily in a Sandstorm and scare him. Energy Ball... gets you Ground types, which you should probably switch out of, and Water.
5 years ago#6
Seed Bomb...? Not exactly doable with just BW materials (this is going to be a concern if Storm Drain starts passing muster. That, and I don't know if Smogon's decided to interdict anything only accessible in G4 as part of the attempt to keep Stealth Rock under control).

Now why is FIRE going to scare Cradily? Ancient Power and Stone Edge both cause problems for it, and Cradily only suffers neutral damage (remember it only has two resistances, Normal and Electric; most things will be neutral to it). Steel is understandable, but as I mentioned, I'm not sure how prevalent Flash Cannon is (SPECIAL defender; I'm eyeing Hippowdon for the physical defense role). Rock...I'm not afraid of doing "just" neutral damage most of the time (Energy Ball is super-effective, sandstorm defense upgrade...they cancel each other into neutral). I'm in this for the long run, not lightning-quick matches.
5 years ago#7
The problem with Steel is that it resists Rock and Grass and it isn't damaged by Sandstorm. If you run Toxic on your Cradily like I do, it's also immune to that. So Earthquake is actually a viable option. Steel is the one type that Cradily has to look out for, as it completely shuts it down.
"Today, world. This is basic spoken. God inhale computer. Hardly consumer, but with a modest water fowl." -Babelfish
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