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Best Electric Type : Day 9 Raikou VS Luxray

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5 years ago#1
Hey Guy's and welcome back to the "Best Electric Type" Day 9 Round 2,
To keep up with the tourney here's the brackets!/d905972bea5e4

Yesterday's Matchup
Jolteon electrifies Raichu 12-3

Today's Matchup
Raikou VS Luxray : Raikou , I used to hate him , but now I like him more than Entei , and Suicune , Slap a few Calm Minds on Raikou and he is so beast.

Tommorow's Matchup
Pacharisu vs Magneton
5 years ago#2
Luxray, I thought he looked stupid at first, but he grew on me :3
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5 years ago#3
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5 years ago#4


5 years ago#5
5 years ago#6
5 years ago#7
Raikou. Honestly didn't expect luxray votes.
5 years ago#8
Raikou. Luxray is interesting, but lacks moves to such an extreme extent that he's effectively pointless.
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5 years ago#9
In general for me...




So...because I like Luxray for a bit more things my vote goes to him.
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5 years ago#10
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