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BattleSubway team help

#1ghostllyaddictPosted 3/26/2012 11:46:29 AM
I beat Ingo on the easier battle subway but the super one is harder -_-
My team that beat him and seems to work best so far is
Scizor with steelGem ev'd in Atk and Speed
Alkazam with twistedSpoon ev'd in spAtk and Speed
dragonite with leftovers
Ev'd in HP and Speed

My strategy is to lead with scizor unless i encounter a weakness Fire,Ground,Fighting(unless i suspect a 1hko from aerialAce)
which i will send in Dragonite and hopefully get a DD in. currently TrickRoom teams are difficult. and pokemon with iron defense give me hard time.
Any suggestions? Moves, Items, order or new pokemon i should look at?
I have 6 poke from HG im going to send over soon. Charizard,Starmie,Blissey,Fortress, Blastoise,and someone else i cant remember
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#2RoyalDroneXPosted 3/26/2012 12:04:28 PM
just a fair warning about the Battle Subway

the CPU cheats
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