Do I have a fake?

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4 years ago#1
I posted this on the platinum board, but it is dead, so I'll try here.

I got a copy on eBay from a game retail outlet. It loads on a DSi and a 3DS, which I heard fakes can't do. The image on the cartridge looks a little faded, but not distorted (Like it was left in light too long). It seems to play fine, I even did a poketransfer to my white version without a hitch. When I close the system though, the sound still plays. It is garbled, but still plays, only with this game on both the DSi and the 3DS. Is it possible to have a fake that plays in the later systems and even transfers?
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4 years ago#2
Fake or not, a Platinum game card would load fine on a DSi/3DS. The only load blocks are for Incorrect Region (DSi Enhanced cards only - which Platinum is not) and Flashcarts.

The thing to check is the game card itself.

The game card should meet the following requirements:

1) Card Colour:
Dark grey game card (for normal DS games) - the Platinum card should be this.
Black game card (game card with IR sensor like HG/SS or B/W).

2) Etchings and Printing (Rear):
Engraved on the back of the card should be the Nintendo logo and "NTR-005 PAT. PEND." ("NTR-031. PAT. PEND." for IR feature games) and printed on the card it's unique serial code (not product code) in black typewriter text just below the engravings.

3) Label (Front):
Label should not be faded, torn, misaligned or have other suspicious defects. The product code (at least for Platinum) should match a product code from this page:

Though in rare cases, fading can be from overuse or heat damage (which wouldn't be the case if it was properly packed for transit).

4) Contacts (Rear):
The circuit board should be green in colouration and the connecting pins, or 'contacts' should have a copper colouration.

5) Game Check:
The game should have no bugs or glitches that have not been reported by a player with a genuine copy. I haven't had any sound issues. The only sound glitch I've ever experienced was with the 3DS - apparently, putting a 3DS on top of another DS system causes sleep mode to fail.

6) Packaging:
If the game came on it's own, with no box or manual, it is most likely fake.

Always treat eBay purchases with suspicion, as far too many fakes exist.
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4 years ago#3
As soon as I read 'eBay' I knew your game must be a fake. Trust me, online auction websites are the worst places to buy Pokemon games. I know from experience. You're much better off buying them brand new from trustworthy sources.
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4 years ago#4
Well, from your list, everything checks out except the fading. It has no box, so it could be from use or transit. So far, the only"glitch" is sleep mode not turning the sound off. Is there any way to check that printed serial code?
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4 years ago#5
The printed alphanumeric code in typewritten-style text on the back of the game card is (as far as I know) a unique code. I believe it just has to be there.

Whether it is indeed a serial code or another code (such as a batch identifier from the factory) is something I cannot be sure of, though a serial code is a safe assumption.

As I understand it, there is no way to check whether it is valid.
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4 years ago#6
Well, I have heard that fakes will not play on a dsi or 3ds and it does on both. Also I heard of loooong save times. Regular save takes 6-7 seconds, saving a lot of data takes about 20-22. I think it is legit, just that weird sound playing when in sleep mode thing.
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4 years ago#7
I'd say yes, it is fake.

I recently bought a Zelda 3DS that came with 2 DS games, NSMB and the first Layton game. Both have slightly faded/blurry labels and have the same problem with sleep mode, it sounds like you are constantly opening and closing the DS. I'd say the chances them being legit and having the exact same problem is just too low.

The NSMB cart is actually quite funny though as when the DS is closed all you can hear is - ITSA ME MARIO, BYE BYE, ITSA ME MARIO...
4 years ago#8
It just baffles me that it can be fake, but still successfully do a poketransfer to my white version.
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4 years ago#9
Fakes use the actual game data from a legit game card that has been dumped and then flashed onto the fake card.

They may have flashing errors that cause glitches.
They will have expected functionality (as the software can't tell it's running on a fake card).
They may use inferior flash memory that can introduce save file corruption without the use of a cheat device, and be likely to fail sooner.
They may use the wrong type of flash memory at the wrong size, introducing saving issues.
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