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Is this Lucario good?

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4 years ago#1
Lucario LV 94
Mild Nature
HP- 266
Sp. Atk-298
Sp Def 165
Speed 206

So I got this from buying the game. Used this while playing the main game so I don't know what it's EV trained in or what it's IVs are. I never really cared much about EV training pokes until this game. After beating it I've spent some time hatching Syncro Elygems for some natures and right now I'm catching dittos at the Giant Chasm. I'm asking whether this is a decent Lucario cause I wanted to do the battle subway and didn't want to start all over on a new Lucario.

It's moveset is

Dark Pulse
Flash Cannon
Calm Mind
Aura Sphere

If it isn't good. Does anyone have a set they'd recommend for the battle subway? I'm in the midst of reading on how to EV train and getting a pokerus pokemon.

Also, the Macho brace. I read it helps with EV's but lowers the speed stat. Does that mean in battle? or the Speed EV's gained. Thanks for all the help.
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4 years ago#2
replace flash cannon with Close combat.
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4 years ago#3
Is it good for battle Subway though? I know the trainers there have their Pokemon EV trained and everything and sounds like a good idea. I did have Close Combat before Flash Cannon and Bullet punch. Is Calm mind good for the Special Sweeping?
GT: Dielan Wet, Im good to go.
" I BR, therefore I am."
4 years ago#4
sort of because you missed out on Riolu Nasty Plaot.
I never heard of warnerbroman [IMG][/IMG] you can't stop staring can you?
4 years ago#5
Mild nature=bad. If you want to get far you should start again.
4 years ago#6
This Lucario Is Ok I guess, but it could deffinately be better. As far as the battle Subway goes it could probably get you through the normal Subway, but it would have a harder time with the super subway.

warnerbroman is right about removing flash cannon because there is no situation I can think of where you would use it over aura sphere; however, I would not replace it with close combat. Close combat is highly redundant with the only benefit to it that I can see being an easier KO of blissey, other than that I see no reason to have close combat and aura sphere. Instead I would suggest throwing on Extreme speed because priority moves can be very useful to finish off faster pokemon.

And about the Macho Brace, It doubles the EVs you get and lowers your speed during battle only. All reductions to your speed will go away when you take the macho brace away, so it has no permanent negative effect on your speed. Also you may already know this, but the power items are better for EV training than the Macho brace of course you get those from the battle subway so you probably don't have access to them yet.

That Lucario could probably work for the normal Subway, but if you want to do anything more with it you should start from scratch. And just in case you are interested here is the Lucario I use, it usually works pretty well for me almost always KOing at least 1 of my opponents pokemon.

Adamant Nature
Inner Focus ability
EVs- 252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 HP
Item- Focus Sash
Close Combat
Extreme Speed
Shadow Claw
Protect/Swords Dance (Mine has protect currently since it worked well with my team, but originally it had Swords Dance and that probably makes more sense for singles usually you shouldn't need the swords dance though)
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