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Three time World Champion Ray Rizzo's winning team! [VGC]

#1Team Rocket Elite(Moderator)Posted 8/27/2012 7:08:36 PM
From August 10th to 12th, the Pokemon Company held their yearly Pokemon World Championship in Hawaii. It featured the top TCG and VGC competitors from around the world. VGC is a format that uses Double Battles where players bring 6 Pokemon and choose 4 to fight their opponent which is the same as Double Battles on Random Wi-Fi.

For the third year in a row, Ray Rizzo from the US won first place in the Masters Division of VGC. He details his entire team here:

Look forward to facing off against it at the Pokémon World Tournament in BW2!

You can see Ray put the team in action from these videos taken from the World Championship:

Ray Rizzo vs Matty Gini (2011 Masters Worlds Runner up) - Game 2 (Swiss Round 2)

Ray Rizzo vs Yamamoto Jumpei (2012 Japan Nationals runner up) - Game 1 (Top 8) - Game 2 (Top 8) - Game 3 (Top 8)

Ray Rizzo vs Wolfe Glick (2011, 2012 two time US National Champion) - Game 1 (Finals) - Game 2 (Finals)
Pokemon VGC2012 Canadian Nationals - 8th place
#2Emperor4DemiGodPosted 8/27/2012 7:48:42 PM
i can tell just by looking at this kids team that he knows how to play the game
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#3bararad13Posted 8/27/2012 11:56:32 PM
he put some serious thought in the eves and ives of his pokemon.. rather then the standard 4/252/252 he spread it in a very calculated manner in order to preapre for as many opponents moves as possible and be most effective when dealing damage.. no wonder he is a -3 timer.. he mastered the game perfectly.. in fact I can't think of a way to truly defeat him unless you somehow can surprise him with something he wasn't prepared for but with his team speed (trick room or not) and coverage even that would be very hard.. no wonder he went undefeated for most (if not all not sure) the event..
#4wutzgoodPosted 8/27/2012 11:59:55 PM
I have all these pokes except for the cresselia. Gonna make a copy of it and try it out for fun. Just like he said though there isn't any one team that won't have a weakness in the current meta game. There are so many strategies in doubles that every team can be beaten.
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#5bararad13Posted 8/28/2012 12:13:37 AM
yea but his is very hard to beat because it is ready for a lot of cammon threat.. although scizor is effective against his team it can be dealt with by hydragion and tyranitar.. I wonder how his team would do in the battle subway..
#6wutzgoodPosted 8/28/2012 1:25:47 AM
I agree his team is very well thought out. He also gets very specific with his evs. He isn't the 3 time champ for nothing. I saw that I have 5 out of 6 of his team with the same natures already. Just have to clone the ut baby versions I have stored and ev train them. Cresselia is the only one I have to get.
I'm calling you an elitist, but I'm just gonna go ahead and leave a snooty remark as I go. I am wutz good
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#7FirestormXVIPosted 8/28/2012 3:20:15 AM
bararad13 posted...
no wonder he went undefeated for most (if not all not sure) the event..

Yep, he did go undefeated to win the tournament. He lost some individual games, but never a set.
#8pokemon2pokerPosted 8/28/2012 5:38:15 AM
I need to stop being a lazy ass when it comes to evs
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#9shadowreaper7Posted 8/28/2012 9:57:30 AM
The man is something else.
The amount of thought that has gone into it is just fitting for that of a champion, cold, calculating, and effective.
You don't want to come up against that.

The synergy works brilliantly, Pokemon can swap and change at will with Ev's and IV's being tailored to suit.
The Ev's of all the pokemon are well thought through and work to have maximum synergy and advantage over opposing pokemon. such as the Garchomp spread which allows him to tank attacks and destroy pokemon which normally cause him problems. Now that is how to play when you can shift up ideas to create gimmicks others haven't coined yet and put them into play and work it into a team that doesn't in any way reduce its effectiveness.

And even though the pokemon on there have "Cookie cutter movesets" they are there because they work, and at the end of the day, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
I'm still in love with that garchomp though... oh the mathematics of it all, all the calculations done through damage calcs to see what was needed.

Well deserved champ, well deserved.
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#10bararad13Posted 8/28/2012 10:13:04 AM
yes.. he is truly in league of his own.. his opponent on final match was good .. but apearantly he didn't play well and easily lost..