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Smugleaf meme killed in tragic accident (Archived)Xeliath25/14/2010
if pokemon was real........ (Archived)radio_chango65/14/2010
New teams idea (Archived)cooldog70725/14/2010
Fire Aardvark? (Archived)Twilight_Sonata45/14/2010
*prays for Farfetch'D evolution* (Archived)
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What "hidden" Innuendo are you expecting in this game? (Archived)
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Ventriloquist pokemon (Archived)Toy_Box55/14/2010
Is anyone here in favour of... (Archived)alex_leafman85/13/2010
Leafstarterpokemon and Firestarterpokemon are the best names (Archived)legendarylemur45/13/2010
Meaning of starters' names? (Archived)SKEXE75/13/2010
These starters ar ebeterr (Archived)Isiah Zombie45/13/2010
4chan has it right. (Archived)
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Starter looks (Archived)thenewcthulhu45/13/2010
I am guessing that the US will get these games late January-early March. (Archived)
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After years of playing Pokemon, I finally have to choose the grass starter (Archived)IFYOUCANREAD65/13/2010
Isshu WILL be based off of a region in Japan (proof inside) (Archived)
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I hope in Isshu we won't see a whole bunch of magikarp, zubat, and geodude (Archived)
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Playing through Platinum and then HG to pass the time to japanese release of b/w (Archived)blurninja45/13/2010
How old do you think the protagonists are? (Archived)Lemon_Master65/13/2010
Official Pokemon Black and White War! (Archived)
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