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Have u guys seen what the 5th gen. starters look like??? (Archived)Lucario864165/14/2010
New Bidoof Evolution. (Picture) (Archived)Serith6189065/14/2010
So basically we have two clones of the 4th gen starters. (Archived)
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Where is the Grillpig fan art? (Archived)Xeliath25/14/2010
The design on the water starter's belly sorta looks like a.... (Archived)
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Why not release this game on the 3DS? (Archived)
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So the second form of Wotter should be Wottsel. (Archived)PatHatchet45/14/2010
Awesome. we made #1 on DS board (Archived)LightningHawk9055/14/2010
Is HIUN CITY in ISSHU REGION? (Archived)HG_P_D_E45/14/2010
Gyms in Black & White (Archived)
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The fire starter is an aardvark, NOT A PIG. (Archived)
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I want a evolution for Mightyena. (Archived)NintendoGamer3495/14/2010
Why does everyone hate nicknames? (Archived)madaussie99105/14/2010
Official Site updated. (Archived)Zero9755/14/2010
The back sprites move during battle (Archived)blakem_1519265/14/2010
Animal you want to be in pkmn, speak your mind and be ignored by GF (Archived)
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Bridge? (Archived)torentdragon15/14/2010
Come on game freak... (Archived)mudballman25/14/2010
How many people are going to... (Archived)
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Smugleaf and Pignition are the best names (Archived)
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