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Does anyone else really hope that... ? (Archived)anonuser09105/10/2010
I can't wait for Pokemon Red Ruby & Pokemon Blue Sapphire (Archived)Snowx_55/10/2010
I may have found something... (Archived)kazooie95985/10/2010
I feel like the house in D/P/Pt was a pretty decent start. (Archived)
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I really wanted the fire/bug starter, just so it could be called.. (Archived)Loopiez85/10/2010
Sign here if you want Stealth Rock to be nerfed in Gen 5 (Archived)
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Grass Type: NEEDS BUFF (Archived)
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The grass starter SHOULD look like this. (Archived)
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Starter pokemon true appearance revealed (pic inside) (Archived)
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I'm looking for videos of pokemon sunday since Zorua was confirmed (Archived)kazooie95965/10/2010
Some pretty awesome designs for the starters (Archived)pwnsausage0155/10/2010
"OMG recent gen Pokemon has so many human-like characters!" (Archived)
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The starters are gerbils. (Archived)themagicpainman105/10/2010
Saw this picture on kotaku (Archived)
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Another interpretation (Archived)WeyardReturns105/10/2010
How does Ditto breed with pokemon like,say, Tauros? (Archived)Sherlock_H105/10/2010
What Pokemon Games have you not played as of yet? (Archived)
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Porygon is Polygon said with a Japanese accent. (Archived)
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Why buy now when you can get the complete version in 2 years? (Archived)Ratchet_Fan875/10/2010
so.. what are you playing while youre waiting B/W???? (Archived)
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