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I'm really hoping that when they mean by "complete reboot of the series" (Archived)
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Favorite Pokemon Move of Each Type (Archived)slicer454555/9/2010
Did anyone else see this? (Archived)otter_92965/9/2010
Real? (Archived)DKU_Arich65/9/2010
Favorite Move of Each Type (Archived)slicer454525/9/2010
Every starter/type combination 0>0 (Archived)bookworm_duo95/9/2010
when will swag be in this game (Archived)megaman_77715/9/2010
Where do the legendary hurt-heals go? (Archived)Viridian8545/9/2010
Do you think that Ash, Pikachu & Brock will travel to this new area from... (Archived)
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could these be real? (Archived)
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Has anybody considered a donkey/mule instead of a pig/boar? (Archived)Crystal_Kyuubi85/9/2010
Chickorita: Worst Starter Ever (Archived)
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Manetric, Donphan, Vulpix, and Slaking... (Archived)
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Are Persian and Golduck related? (Archived)DecadenceDaniel85/9/2010
Thoughts On Stat Changes. (Archived)SlashingGamer515/9/2010
Which starter are you getting first? (Archived)
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Can someone fill out each silhouette with each of the three types? (Archived)Loixuj85/9/2010
I love how in 2007 G/S/C lovers were wearing nostalgia goggles. (Archived)
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Changes (Archived)frostyfirey95/9/2010
I do starter predictions good (Archived)
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