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I think they will look like this (Archived)WeyardReturns15/9/2010
I feel like the one on the left has its head turned. (Archived)
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why nintendo cannot make a new pokemon TCG game (Archived)
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The pig silhouette (Archived)Xeliath85/9/2010
Jacketripr (Archived)Anagram35/9/2010
So, according to Serebii... (Archived)wiimann12365/9/2010
i'll burn it if these two were there ................. (Archived)
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This may be the first Gen... (Archived)protoman24565/9/2010
Water > Seel, Grass > Pig... (Archived)ssj_duelist25/9/2010
Weezing should get a Poison/Steel evo. (Archived)
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Piplup + Bidoof's head = (Archived)OhHeyltsYou45/9/2010
Is it me or... (Archived)DKU_Arich85/9/2010
I hope they give Seviper an evolution this gen. (Archived)
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My thoughts on the starter shilouettes... (Archived)blurninja65/8/2010
That pig better evolve into a half fighting bipedal boar with tusks. (Archived)
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Shouldn't there be a pokemon tcg minigame? (Archived)
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With the announcement that the 3D feature can be turned on/off at will... (Archived)
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The leftmost starter looks like an awesome bird. (Archived)
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This shadows should be a lesson in psychology (Archived)Yorkster65/8/2010
hope the middle is a bunny (Archived)megacp365/8/2010