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i hope they are fire/electric, grass/dragon, and water/fighting (Archived)
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Another topic about the starters! (Archived)pug_wishbone45/8/2010
I hope that as these new starters are revealed... (Archived)Rubysu75/8/2010
My take on the leftmost Pokemon. (Oh, the rightmost is a beaver btw.) (Archived)
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I am boycotting this game if... (Archived)StealthRecon96385/8/2010
I hope they don't give Lapras an evolution. (Archived)
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Shiny Zoroark (Archived)Torgunner45/8/2010
This topic is totally original; it has nothing to do with starters. (Archived)shayminguy775/8/2010
Quick mockup of the left starter - Venus Flytrap. (Archived)Long_Bottom75/8/2010
Gamefreak hasn't created the starters yet, just silhouettes. (Archived)
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Ok guys let's guess the starters's type! (Archived)
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Detailed Pokemon (Archived)Greekguy825/8/2010
Heres what I think they might look like. (Archived)leoninewarrior15/8/2010
New elements in the game that u want besides.... (Archived)myoldname45/8/2010
I hope this new grass-type is defensive and passive~ (Archived)aquariusphoenix55/8/2010
Revolutionary Change: All starters will be fire types (Archived)Desgaron15/8/2010
Top is Grass, Left is Fire, Right is Water. (Archived)shayminguy715/8/2010
What do you think? Any good? (Archived)Ondarius8165/8/2010
Starter's silhouettes revealed their looks! (Archived)keyos2745/8/2010
I found another silhouette!!! (Archived)Fear_Wolf55/8/2010