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Starter types, I think. (Archived)thenewcthulhu85/8/2010
Any assumptions released yet? (Archived)
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The middle silhouette looks so weird (Archived)PatHatchet35/8/2010
this is not a bad try..... dunno if already posted (Archived)radio_chango85/8/2010
This is what the common bird Pokemon should be this gen... (Archived)saturn_frogurt15/8/2010
according to the polll THIS game is up there with diablo 3? (Archived)
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Were there silhouettes of starters in gens before? If so any pics? (Archived)thenewcthulhu35/8/2010
Why do so many people complain about the silhouette to the right? (Archived)thenewcthulhu55/8/2010
Anyone have the silhouettes of the 4th or 3rd gen starters? (Archived)Enferolunos55/8/2010
How could we be so blind... (Archived)
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So like what if... (Archived)Strain4235/8/2010
C/D: Attacking a sleeping Pokemon should wake it. (Archived)
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IF the left starter is a bird... (Archived)Darnstuff65/8/2010
Why only two new pokemon?-Zorua and Zoruark(know I didn't spell 2nd name correct (Archived)icebros55/8/2010
Mermaid (Archived)yavko65/8/2010
Why are we assuming the starters are fire/water/grass? (Archived)legendarylemur85/8/2010
I'm surprised that they haven't come up with this already... (Archived)
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If you ask me... (Archived)nmnm10065/8/2010
Personally, This Is How I See The Leftmost One. (Archived)SlashingGamer545/8/2010
What do you want the legendary pokemon in this game to look like? (Archived)Codebreaker123495/8/2010