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I really hope this Game has a damn wicked Powerful elite four and champion (Archived)SilveRevlis75/8/2010
This game should have more puzzles and sidequests. (Archived)rashrules35/8/2010
If they don't make this gen compatible with DSi wi-fi, I will kill something. (Archived)Timohtep105/8/2010
Check out what i made. (Archived)adamjb0965/8/2010
How come.. (Archived)0Sprotret095/8/2010
Pokemon Starters Secondary Types (Archived)
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There should be a super violent scene (Archived)PSI_Ground75/7/2010
Everyone stop what you're doing and talk about Mawile with me (Archived)
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Norse Mage121485/7/2010
Rate Their Chances - Day 25 - Rapidash (Archived)
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What Gym Leaders/E4 Members/Champs would you like to see in this game? (Archived)Spoinkfan71845/7/2010
Best Pokemon Competition! Round 1 Battle 5: Zorua vs. Steelix! (Archived)
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Is this a new game or a remake? (Archived)Behaviorism55/7/2010
Dragonite and Tyranitar (Archived)
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One last question before I go to bed! (Archived)blurninja35/7/2010
Pokemon Black and White official pokemon ascii making! Warning: Awesome Ascii! (Archived)
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So you say you want an evolution? [Hurt/Heal] *PART 2* (Archived)
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Let's take a look back in the past... (Archived)GeminiDeus95/7/2010
I have an idea and I hope that you guys will like it! (Archived)blurninja65/7/2010
Is Anyone Else Trying To Avoid Seeing The 5th Gen Pokemon? (Archived)
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I have a question... (Archived)blurninja75/7/2010