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The title of the third game will be... (Archived)robertsm9374/27/2010
Defog... (Archived)DigiDude7784/27/2010
Are Roostor, Lambtron, and Shoe in this game? (Archived)MasterOtenko44/27/2010
Random idea for different shops in game (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram64/27/2010
Luvdisc is a Pseudo-Legendary (Archived)
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Some things I'd like to see. (Archived)dragon50454/27/2010
A sneak peak of some of the rare pokemon you'll be able to get in Black (Archived)
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The B/W city theme is epic (Archived)SuperSaiyajin9K94/27/2010
Lol u guyz r all fanboizzzz (Archived)
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more movie info (Archived)Empiror34/27/2010
Am I missing any slots? (Archived)
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ITT: we name the WORST Pokemon from each gen (Archived)TwinIam44/27/2010
What kind of gambling will Game freak promote next? (Archived)
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declaring myself official tyranitar of the b/w boards (Archived)5h07gun74/27/2010
Why are people so excited about cars in this game? (Archived)
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For quality of pokemon, RBY > GSC > DPP > RSE (Archived)
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what i would like. (Archived)
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is it true that after playing this game, all other pokemon games seem inferior? (Archived)Yaboy12544/27/2010
Remakes...... (Archived)SilveRevlis74/27/2010
So have anymore pokemon been revealed? (Archived)NeonOctopus74/27/2010