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Being good has better powers than being evil. (Archived)Dits231/11 11:32PM
Burning Wells Glitch w/ Crusher (Archived)jaxrox7919/30 7:13AM
What do the dead drops describing Cole say if you don't have an Infamous 1 save? (Archived)gawado29/16 10:00AM
Games share Please!!! (Archived)Shawn166719/8 2:23PM
No new Karmic opportunities and enemy spawns appearing after completion. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bellum_Sacrum168/25 10:31PM
problems with Taking over the first Island (Archived)jacktheripper1028/10 12:58AM
What's the name of that cartoon that plays on the various televisions? (Archived)knuclear200x17/10 1:57AM
Help with one of the UGC trophies (Archived)pr0adam37/9 11:47PM
What happened to Nix in the good ending? SPOILERS (Archived)DelRowe47/7 3:05PM
All powers trophy help (Archived)xguitarxplayerx36/24 5:07PM
I can't play this game... (Archived)SunsprayHoney66/23 7:28AM
Is there any way to play through the full game with good and evil powers? (Archived)Adam314-26/22 10:56PM
Question (Archived)ColonelHawk26/15 6:25PM
why did SP have to hire another VA for Cole ? (Archived)rito199546/14 2:38PM
Can't find dead drop 29 not where videos show it is. (Archived)Mooogleman16/2 6:46AM
I cant connect to UGC servers (Archived)WolftheRipper26/1 1:53PM
Can you become infamous by just killing civilians (Archived)IceCreamPerson25/15 10:34PM
Starting a new game on hard mode for first time, a question (Archived)12ILOVEFIRE2135/7 6:43PM
Just started this, a few questions (Archived)AnghellicKarma55/7 6:41PM
voucher code expired (Archived)messatsu999914/28 7:17PM
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