Ice Titan boss help.

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User Info: TifaLink0

5 years ago#1
What's the best way to take this giant thing out? I threw like 10 cars didn't really do much.
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User Info: steepcircle

5 years ago#2
Spam the crap out of rockets, or sticky/cluster grenades work well too. But yeah, rockets, any kind except for splitter rockets, they seem to not home in to places that hurt ice titans.
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User Info: lore_giova88

5 years ago#3
Sticky grenades are your best shot. Just remember, after dealing some damage, to expose his weakness in order to kill him faster.

User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
5 years ago#4
Off all the powers I found that cluster grenades work best against titans.
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User Info: Rob_Indahood

5 years ago#5
Cluster grenades kill things in seconds, and really big things it just takes a few minutes.

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User Info: Dragonivon

5 years ago#6
That's my pattern with the Titans. Hit them with 4-5 cluster grenades, recharge, repeat if needed, open up the vulnerability, 2-3 more grenades. Done. For me they are a lot easier to deal with than Ravagers or Hive Lords since they don't underground vanish on me all the time. I hate those ugly things.
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