Is there a list of which side missions/events are impacted by inFamous 1?

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So, stupid thing here; I was mashing X when I started this game the first time, and didn't realize I had a choice of how to start my game (as I unlocked everything in inFamous 1, and had both good and evil save files), so I ended up starting good while going on my initial Hard mode Evil karma run.

I've noticed so far only one side quest that makes a reference to someone whose life I saved in Infamous 1, but are there more sidequests, missions, etc, that are impacted by which karma type I start with? I'm somewhat pissed that I finished off my first run of inFamous 2 with the evil ending, but without realizing that I started good first, and am thinking of restarting a "proper" evil game this time, to figure out what it is I missed out on by not choosing the right game type at first.
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You didn't really miss anything. Other than that one side mission the only story difference is in the dead drops that reference Cole's actions in Empire City.
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There isn't much difference. The main thing is your karma starts with about half a bar depending on whether you chose good or evil.
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