Getting the game to start - ATI and Windows 7

#1Avenger1324Posted 5/12/2010 2:37:48 PM

Not often to find a forum that has no posts at all 3 months after release - I guess not many people have heard of this.

Anyway might as well make the first thread a helpful one.

I just got this in a DD sale, and after installing it wouldn't run. It tried to launch, then failed with no error messages or anything. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with an ATI HD4850 graphics card. Apparently there is some issue with ATI cards and directx not working well with this game (not sure if Win 7 related or not).

If you have an ATI card and having a similar issue where the game just doesn't launch, go into the config.ini file and change the setting "Cfg.RenderDevice" from 1 to 2. Save and then try to run the game again - should be seeing the Nvidia splash screen, and then the start of the game.

Hope that helps