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StickyEndings Guide-with as few spoilers as possible (Sticky)
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SyberiaWinx962/10 8:21PM
The way they treat the new characters kinda annoys me... (SPOILERS)shadowoftheark25/18 3:55AM
Why translate what doesn't need translating? (Archived)BradAH14/23 5:47PM
What is up with the game's volume? (Vita) (Archived)kah34/20 7:51AM
So far so good.... But (Archived)Tacosnak411/2 10:16AM
Chapter 5, Needing help (Archived)ss3goku3918/28 1:45AM
Is this game annoying on purpose? or just bad game design? (Archived)Llaffer48/4 2:09PM
Corpse Party on sale on PSN bundled (Archived)hardangelfan88/3 12:36AM
Played this game recently... (Archived)Aaron_Feuer57/25 1:07PM
Where to buy?? (Archived)mokkochi47/18 5:41AM
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows LP (Archived)JudasIcariot1317/16 9:15PM
just started playing -with a guide. slight spoilers. (Archived)Jamirus217/16 1:58PM
Owned: 666 Users (Archived)Kiniest27/6 10:22AM
Yuu's Journey part 1(A corpse party CYOA) (Archived)MoonKnight7827/3 8:52PM
This game gave me a panic attack. :( -Potential Spoilers- (Archived)MikeSugs56/30 3:46PM
Some questions in my mind (Little spoiler) (Archived)IrvineADCarry56/17 10:29AM
what the hell is with the dialogue in this game? [possible spoilers] (Archived)ZeroJinKui36/16 8:50AM
Okay can someone help clarify this for me? (Archived)DahlVaughnni36/16 3:09AM
Wow this game is 1st on top 10 psp games (Archived)kirbymaster10166/10 6:42AM
XSeed is bringing the PC version (Archived)shaka de virgem26/9 9:51PM
Is the game better than the anime? (Archived)EnderGamer66/6 6:16AM
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