Stuck chapter 5

#1amonfvPosted 1/15/2012 12:49:36 AM
I cant figure how to change the ending guess i might have to start it over or is there something im missing i am at the part where i fallow the blood trail and i meet up with everyone and we all leave and get i stuck in that loop then get wrong end i have looked everywhere and i cant find anything to change it what am i missing or do i need to restart the level
#2retcepsPosted 1/15/2012 1:00:31 AM
Ah, the World After Loop ending. You did not read all of Naho's note. You did not receive "Baby Statue" in Reference Room. You trigger the 3rd floor pentagram meeting before reading all of Naho's note and obtain the "Baby Statue" in Reference.

To get best ending:
1) Do not meet up at 3F pentagram area until after Ayumi's group reads all of Naho's notes and obtain "Baby Statue" in Reference Room first.

2) After obtaining "Baby Statue", have them meet up at 3F pentagram area, and Ayumi's group will hand over "Baby Statue" to Satoshi's group.

3) Then Satoshi's group need to head to 2F Central Hall and insert Baby Statue and Marble Statue in each respective pedestal to gain access to Infirmary.

4) Go to Infirmary to trigger event. Once you are out, pick up nearby "Cat Plushie".

5) Then play the game as normal.