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User Info: Vortimous

6 years ago#1

Are there only 4 episodes? I beat those 4, then there is some mini game with that fan batman that seems to be only a single player game? I didnt play it further... Are those the only 4 episodes in the game? Last boss I fought (dont know his name) was baman and green lantern, at the end, the guy was arrested and green lantern punched him after he learned his lesson.... blah blah... was this the final guy? Is there no joker in this game? Only batman villians I remember are catwoman, catman?? and two face... No riddler or joker? My son (5) wants to know... is this all the game had, these 4 episodes.... just need to know whether to tell him thats it or not....



User Info: Vortimous

6 years ago#2

Anyone? Can you tell me if this is it, the whole game? Thanks

User Info: strikertype

6 years ago#3

Yea theres only 4 episodes to play Batman and Hawkman, Batman and Blue Beetle, Batman and Green Lantern, and lastly Batman and Robin

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