How do you use characters that are unlocked?

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6 years ago#1
My son just got this game yesterday and has 'unlocked' many characters. However, he (and I) CANNOT figure out how to 'be' these characters. Can someone please tell me how to select and play with the characters that are unlocked? Thanks in advance.
6 years ago#2
@newgamermom: Unfortunately, these characters are not-- so far as I can find --available for play. Many recent games have some "view-only" unlockable content, and this seems to be one example. Compare "production notes" or "character bios" or the like on DVDs. In short, filler material. In any given level, there are only two playable heroes, one of which is always Batman.*

In my own opinion, this unlockable was probably intended to be fleshed out a bit with information on the characters, but at least in the DS version (I don't own a Wii) there are names and pictures and nothing else.

The Wii version appears to have slightly more material (some sort of story progression and cut-scenes), but the general consensus is both versions are far too short, for all that the material that does exist is well-designed.

* Batman does have unlockable costumes, three total. I've submitted codes (listed under the GameFAQs Cheat tab for the game) that can be entered into the Batcave's terminal (far left in this area) with the stylus to unlock the Medieval costume and a few other items. There are reportedly several more codes which the game publisher will release at some later date. Presumably, this is how you get the Dark and Rainbow outfits. Until then, Action Replay cheats appear to be the only way to access the other two costumes...
6 years ago#3
I want to thank you so much for your response. At least my son now understands even if he keeps winning he will not be able to play with, specifically, Gorilla Grodd. I appreciate your taking the time to help.
6 years ago#4
@newgamermom: You're quite welcome. I would offer to extend future assistance, but I'm afraid there's not a great deal more game to assist with. ;)

If or when you exhaust the content: I can mention that (probably) the closest alternative I can think of on the DS would be, perhaps not surprisingly, LEGO Batman. It's not the same straight-up platforming action, but, then again, there is a great deal more game; there are many more unlockables (*far* more characters); and I find a great degree of replayability. I'm not sure of your son's age, but if you find /Batman: The Brave And the Bold/ suitable, I believe I can promise that LEGO Batman will not offer any surprises in the way of objectionable content.

Additionally, LEGO Batman lends itself to-- and is partly designed around --a style of gameplay where you can complete a *level* without achieving all the objectives. Then you can return at any time to complete more side objectives, find more unlockables, and so forth. The FAQs provided on this site are extremely exhaustive in detailing the locations of all unlockable content, besides.

I can also wholeheartedly recommend the franchised (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) LEGO games on the same merits of solid design and progressive completion at the player's own pace. I did try /LEGO Battles/, but it's not at all the same sort of game.

(As always, my disclaimer: although I'm one of many fans, I advise you read and weigh reviews, check out the gameplay trailers, and so forth. And I'm happy to answer any specific questions.)
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  3. How do you use characters that are unlocked?

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