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6 years ago#1
So I recently bought a HRAP (Hori Real Arcade Pro for those who don't know) for the 360, and I intend to mod it and put my own KOFXIII art on it. Originally wanted to take that really cool looking poster art that I had seen in videos and put on this stick but after 5 minutes of working on it I'm not sure it's going to work out. You see though I don't exactly hate Ash, I really don't want him on my stick. So I tried removing him and placing art of Terry there instead.

Here's a pic of what I got so far:

Ofcourse there is a gap between Terry and the poster art that seems odd but I think that's something I can fix. My main concern is the poster art comes from a magazine scan and looks a bit faded and I'm not so sure I can make it look like Terry belongs next to it.

So basically I'm asking everyone's opinion on what I got so far. Do you like my idea? Or should I give up and try something else? Also, if anyone has any links to official KOF art that they think would look better I'm willing to take a look.

And thanks to Number for posting a link to those magazine scans that I got the poster art from.
6 years ago#2
It would look fine without Terry...that way the art would only be on the joystick side and not intrude on the buttons
6 years ago#3
While it would look mostly fine without Terry the main reason I put him there was to try to fill that weird shaped hole that removing Ash leaves. I have plenty of time to do this though since it will be a long while before I can afford the parts I need for the mod I want to do, so I can explore a lot of options first.
6 years ago#4
mamtou, I can help make it look really good.
6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#6
If that's an offer to do it for me, thanks but no thanks. While 2D art is not my strongest point I did not get a degree in computer animation to have others do this sort of thing for me. Besides, to me it's all about adding a personal touch to it and it simply won't do if others do it for me. All I'm really looking for is some suggestions and opinions.
6 years ago#7
I respect that. I'm going got a degree in Game Design myself. How about you change the original color scheme. Maybe even get a custom font from dafont.com and add your gamer pseudonym to it?
6 years ago#8
Those are some ideas. For now I'm going to remove Terry and find or make a background that I can blend into the poster art well. I'm also gonna try making an alternate one that has the individual character arts for the characters I know I'm going to use most and I'll see what I like best. I'll also be putting the KOFXIII logo somewhere, but haven't decided where yet. As for the color scheme I'm thinking of a blue and green theme. I already have a transparent blue bubbletop for the stick and I'm thinking I'll want the first six buttons to be transparent blue and the last 2 transparent green. To be on the safe side though I'm going to make sure my final art is done before I go ordering buttons.
6 years ago#9
I suggest taking Terry out and putting a white background with the other image you have. Plain and simple, just like my MadCatz SF IV arcade stick. Just red, black, white and a logo.
6 years ago#10
I recommend getting rid of the picture entirely and putting a picture of me on there. That way, you have a true professional and all around great person always staring at you as you play fighting games.
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