Anyone else hate those horrible "Rapture"-esque levels?

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3 years ago#1
Goddamn, are those levels bland to look at and even worse to play.

It was fine for one chapter AND its dark world, but chapter 6 is the same old s***. Then you have a bunch of them in the Expert Remix internets chapter as well as ****ing Remnants.

What horrible, horrible levels. I pretty much love all of the level types except for this s***. Plus, the music in them sucks. Reminds me of the music from that TS2 multiplayer level with the bunkers and military bases near some waterfall canyon.

I just despise the Rapture levels so much. It's bad enough it has the two worst warp zones (Skyscraper and The Kid), but it also has those weird gravity ball thingies which **** you up easily.

Easily the worst levels. Did we really need like 75 of them?!
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3 years ago#2
I disagree, those gravity things are good to handle if you know how to, just for like 99% of the things they throw at you in the game.

Stop whining and start learning how to control these elements ;)
3 years ago#3
Gravity Orbs are probably the hardest thing to learn. But they're not that bad after a while.
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3 years ago#4
I think gravity orbs are nearly the same as fans. The closer you get to them, the further they push/blow you out. The gravity orb pushes to all sides though, but the basic priciple is the same.
I have seen a lot of videos where people were having trouble with fans and gravity orbs, but I personally never had any problems. It's just basic physics, which is easy to predict imo. I can understand why people are having trouble with them though...
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  3. Anyone else hate those horrible "Rapture"-esque levels?

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