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3 years ago#1
So after playing Guacamelee I was in the mood for some more platforming (Guacamelee has some really good platforming if you have PS3), so I decided to finally buy Super Meat Boy. And let me say, this game is incredible. I am almost done with light world on Hell, and have only done maybe 20 dark world stages so I know there is still a lot of game to play, but so far I'm enthralled. I have the most fun doing the stage as fast as possible, and love that usually, the way to so that is to ignore the way it looks like you should play, and figure out where can take short cuts.

I am very impressed with the amount of content in this game, and only hope I am going to be good enough to see it all.

Couple of questions though:
-I see some bandages / warps that seem impossible to get as meat boy, are certain characters required to get certain bandages / warps?
-And I found one glitch level early, but didn't complete it. I tried to go back but couldn't get it to trigger again, are they random?

Thanks for reading and wish me luck with these giant saws.
3 years ago#2
Some bandages require alternate characters, yes.

And they aren't random. Sometimes they only appear for a certain length of time, and sometimes there are certain actions required to make them "appear".

The glitch levels are random, yes. Look for/listen for a glitching out Bandage Girl at the end of the level, and get to her without dying to access the level. Try levels where you can see her from the start to get them more quickly.

Edit: Good luck with the giant saws!
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3 years ago#3
RE: Glitch levels, once you've unlocked a glitch level for a given chapter you can go back to it whenever you like. It'll appear on that chapter's world map in Light World, before level one. Just move a space back from level one, and there it should be, waiting for you.

Thank God, dunno if I'd have ever completed the harder ones if I'd had to grind out random glitch girl appearances only to choke away my three attempts and do it all over again.
3 years ago#4
Yeah, I went back to World 1 the other day and saw the yellow square before 1-1, thanks for posting and letting me know though. I'm in the middle of finals week so I haven't been able to play at all, looking forward to 100% over the summer!
3 years ago#5
LOL I'm so terrible it's finals week for me too and I just achieved 106% (max completion) yesterday because I decided to unwind by stressing about something other than tests
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