Custom Soundtracks?

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Better be. There's a lot wrong with this game already, no cusom soundtrack would be the final nail in the coffin for me. Largely because I hate the type of music it comes with (techno, clubbing ****).
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i have the game and u cannot have custom soundtracks.on top of that there are only 2 radio stations.still i trun the music off and makes it much better
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yeah, I dont listen to the music either.

the Rock channel is hardly rock :( are they made up songs? I looked at the credits list and I really dont recognise anyone there, but i just thought that perhaps I missed something?

could you play custom music in Burnout paradise while online? if you could then it should be possible to patch this.

I hope they do, because although I prefer to listen to the engine roar... from time to time everyone needs a lil Hendrix!
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I just wrote an email to
a few more people should write an email too!

<Many User wants to hear and be able to play they own music in the background for this game on PS3 (like >Burnout Paradise, Killzone2MP, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Warhawk. GT5 etc.)?
>Its in since FW 2.40 here is a Sony DEV Video :
>Its easy for Devs to turn the Function on.
>Many Games got the XMB Custom Music right now. Some other Games got a intern Custom Solution... but the >default XMB would be ok >for all newer Games + easy to turn on.
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Well, it seems my iPod dock is finally going to get some use.

I'm with heisert on this one. I've recently defected from the 360 because I was sick of the running cost, and the one thing I really miss is being able to just hit the guide button and play any song I like over any game I like. You shouldn't have to transfer your music to your console, or make a playlist, or any of that crap.

It strikes me as something that could be easily added with a quick patch.
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that's what always bothered me,

what's the point of having music on your harddrive, taking up space, that could be used for game installs, DLC, things of that nature, if you can't play the music in the background of a good 90% of games you can buy,

of the 9 PS3 games i own, midnight club LA is the only one i can play music on, so i just deleted the music to save space,

yeah my ipod dock is going to get a lot of use here too, lol, :)
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Well part of the point is its role as a multimedia system. Some people have theirs hooked up to their stereo speakers and use it for everything.
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#10OgabugabugaPosted 2/7/2011 6:25:14 AM
yeah that's true, i forgot about that part,

still would have been cool if you could have custom soundtracks while playing games, in case you get tired of the games audio feed after awhile,